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I just watched Wednesday on Netflix – the Harry Potter alternative I didn’t know I needed

This probably isn’t the article anyone connected to Netflix on Wednesday wants to see. and I know that. But as I was watching the series in a much shorter time than I expected (more on why I thought I’d let it languish later), I came to a startling realization.

Yes, it was kind of obvious that Wednesday’s series wasn’t meant to be a sequel to The Addams Family – just a rearrangement of some characters in a format that was more in the style of Netflix. It has been proven successful It beat the opening week numbers for Season 4 of Stranger Things (Opens in a new tab) for minutes watched on Netflix, a solid feat considering Wednesday’s eight episodes total 392 minutes, while Stranger Things 4 Part 1 (the second-most charting installment of all time, behind Squid) runs 547 minutes. All three are among the best Netflix shows, but don’t make me put them in any order.



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