“I was shocked and screamed” – Actress Yewande Adekola calls out driver for hitting her car and running away at Lekki County (Video)

I was shocked and screamed Yewande Adekola calls out driver who hit her and ran away Kemi Filani blog min


Nollywood actress Yewande Adekola has bitterly called out a driver, who she believed was high on drugs for hitting her car and running away.

Taking to her Instagram page, she narrated the incident which she took place at Lekki County around 8pm on Sunday. She revealed that she was filming when a young man, driving from another side of the lane suddenly ran into her car.

Yewande stated that she was shocked as the driver was on the other side of the road, heading to the opposite direction. According to her, she screamed when the incident happened and everyone around shouted but the driver was too high to know what was going on around him and had hit her a second time. Despite the commotion he created, he sped off like nothing happened and repeated the same thing at another location.

“Goodmorning guys, something happened to me last night and I think I want to talk about it. I was filming yesterday night around 8pm at Lekki County and on that road, I was on my lane and a young man from another side of the lane suddenly ran into me with his car. When he hit me with the car, I was shocked because he was on the other side of the road heading to the opposite direction and shouldn’t have business hitting me.

As he hit me I screamed and everyone around me shouted. People told him to reverse that he had hit someone and to my amazement he ran into me back. It was then I saw his eyes, he was already high (drunk). This wasn’t alcohol, I believe he was high on drugs. He wasn’t himself, he wasn’t self aware. He just sped off like he did nothing and I told my PA and others to pursue him and the driver had repeated same thing at another axis”.

Captioning the video on her Instagram page, she wrote,

“To that young man that hit me on the lekki county road last night around 8pm, this message is for you. You know yourself and God knows exactly who you are and where you are”.

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