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Iceland Introduces New Arrivals Hall for Passengers From Non-Schengen Countries

Family at airport travelling with young child and luggage

Authorities in Iceland have announced the opening of a new arrival border for passengers coming to Iceland from other territories located outside the Schengen Zone.

According to a report of the Isavia, the new border hall will ease and also improve the handling of passengers reaching the territory following the new European regulations, reports.

Iceland’s authorities said that with the opening of a new border hall, travellers flow in the terminal will mark a significant improvement, following the efforts to reduce long queues at border control, and also shorten waiting times with increased efficacy, and with self-service machines.

The building that was projected for the new border will be used until the new permanent facility for the EU’s Schengen external border can be established in a new connection building that is being designed at present.

The building is projected in a way that can be taken down and used for different purposes when its role in border control terminates, according to Isavia.

Local media reports confirmed that the building is on one floor and is located on the east side of South Budling.

Previously it was emphasized that a new building that will connect the North, as well as South buildings, would be set in the heart of the Keflavik Airport. In addition, it was stressed that all travellers would pass through it.

Authorities in Iceland said that the building was part of the second major part of the airport’s development project.

In addition to the fact that the building will join the original terminal with the South Building, it will also improve services for passengers with connections through Keflavik Airport. Together with the East Wing, which is currently under construction, this new building will expand the terminal by a total of 70 per cent.

Previously, Iceland authorities announced a new baggage reception hall that is expected to be put into use by the end of this year, a part of the East Wing which is currently under construction at Keflavik Airport.

“The bag reception belts will be tripled in size and performance, and the waiting area doubles in size for arriving passengers to the country. So, this will be a complete revolution for passengers,” director of business and development at Isavia, Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson, pointed out, according to a KEF report.

He said that the eastern wig of the airport will open in stages, starting with a new baggage reception next year and then in steps until the end of next year.