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Idris Elba Once Found It off-Putting That Fans Wanted Him to Be James Bond for This Reason

1686192014 Idris Elba James Bond

The James Bond character has had many superstars eager to fill its shoes, including Idris Elba. The respected actor has often received massive fan support for the role. But he wondered if certain audiences wanted him to be Bond for the wrong reasons.

Idris Elba felt it would be off-putting if fans wanted him to be James Bond for this reason

Idris Elba | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Elba usually finds his name attached to the James Bond character in one way or another. Even after Daniel Craig was secured as the character, Elba was still touted as a possible successor for the franchise. The actor was well aware of this seemingly overwhelming fan support he’d had for being the next Bond. And he once felt that if fans had the power of film studios, he might have been cast.