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‘I’ll never go back,’ – Pregnant woman declares as she narrates 10-year domestic violence ordeal



Sherifat Abu, a resident of Bwari, Abuja, has narrated how she suffered physical abuse from her husband since they got married in 2009.

The 39-year-old mother of three recalled to TheCable that everything changed just a year after she married Nurudeen, her banker husband.

“I’ve lost my self-confidence and I’ve lost my self-worth. I asked myself why these things were happening to me,” she told the medium.

“The first time he hit me was after he travelled for work. When he came back, I was packing his bag when I saw a condom and asked him why he had one since we just got married.

“Before I could finish speaking, he slapped me so hard that I started crying. I didn’t know what to do because I knew the kind of family I came from. I couldn’t really tell my family what was happening. I’ve just been bottling up a lot of things. I’ve gone through a lot.”

Sherifat said she did not tell anyone about her predicament until two years ago during Ramadan, when her husband threw her out of the house. Her husband had just lost his dad, she said.

“The children were playing loudly in the house. I called them and said they should go and sit down since we just lost their grandfather. My husband heard me speaking and thought I was scolding the children. Before I could explain, he started to beat me and then chased me out of the compound without my hijab,” she said as she stifled tears.

The incident was particularly memorable to Sherifat because according to her, she adorns herself in a full hijab when outside her home.

“It was at this point I could no longer bear it and decided to call my older cousin who also lives in Abuja. He came and packed my things to his place. After everything, my husband came to beg and said he would change. I called one of my other cousins who is a lawyer and he took my husband to court where he promised to never do such a thing again and said the court should hold it against him if he did,” she said.

“My family members said since he has promised in court, I should go back home.”

Sherifat Abu. Photo Credit: TheCable

Unfortunately for Sherifat, after she went back, “everything became worse than they were before I left”.

Sherifat also said she suffered sexual neglect from her husband, adding that she seldom had sex with him.

“My husband didn’t touch me (sexually) since December last year till March this year after which I took in. As we speak, I am seven weeks pregnant and he knows about it,” she said.

“When I need him, he’ll tell me to leave him alone and not touch him. When I ask why, he’ll say nothing. I asked him if this is what Islam said, he said yes, that Islamically when a man says something, a woman is not supposed to say anything.”

She explained that she stayed with her husband despite the abuse because “a child was already involved” when it started.

Sherifat told TheCable that she has, however, decided to leave her husband. She said she made the decision after he beat her on Tuesday morning with a belt, despite her pregnancy.

Her offence, she said, was picking up a call from her sister who wanted to check up on her.

“My husband had stopped me from receiving calls from my family,” she explained.

“My family thought everything was now going fine since the last time until I told them about the beating of this morning. I said I cannot sleep in that house this night so I just went to my cousin’s house and that’s where I am now with my children. My husband has not called me till this minute.

“Today I thought I would leave this world so I even wrote everything that happened down.

“Right now I can no longer stay in the marriage. I cannot! There is no pleading in this world that can make me go back to my abusive husband.

“When I heard of the Osinachi story, I wondered if history is repeating itself so soon. I hoped my story would not end like hers because apparently, everything that’s happening in my life is just the same as what happened in her life. I’m sure if I go back, it’s my dead body my family will come for the next day.”

On whether she has reported the abuse to the authorities, the 39-year-old said she went to the sharia court to report the case on Tuesday, because she got married under Islamic law.

“They called him and said we should report to the court tomorrow morning by 9am. But I have decided to go back and my family supports me,” she added.




Deborah: Obi of Onitsha debunk media report, asking Igbo to flee North



Deborah Samuel 1

The Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe, has debunked media reports attributed to him that he called on Igbo living in the North to flee the region over the murder of Deborah Samuel.

Some sections of the media had reported that the monarch had asked Ndigbo to leave the Northern part of the country following the killing of Deborah Samuel, a student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto State over alleged blasphemy.

The Monarch, in a statement by the Chief of staff, Ime Obi Onicha, Chinyeleugo Anionwu debunked the reports, describing them as fake.

In the statement titled, “Obi of Onitsha has not issued any statement regarding recent events in the Northern part of the country”, the monarch asked the public to disregard such reports.

The statement read partly “The attention of Imeobi Onicha palace has been drawn to a statement to the effect that His Majesty, Nnaemeka Achebe, Agbogidi, Obi of Onitsha has called on every Igbo living in the North to come back home immediately.

“The statement which has gone viral on social media is fake and should be discountenanced.”



Revealed! Details Of South-West APC Leaders Meeting With Presidential Aspirants

MORE revelations have emerged about Friday’s meeting held by South-West leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) with aspirants from the zone, whose main objective, was on how to avert a crisis that will create a fractured party as it prepares for primary on May 30 and 31, Sunday Tribune has reliably gathered…

Supreme Court Has Cleared Civil Servants To Participate In Politics, Falana Tells FG

NIGERIAN workers are constitutionally-free to participate in politics, lawyer, Mr Femi Falana has said. He was responding to the warning from the central government to civil servants to stay off politics…




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Southern region should be given opportunity to rule in 2023 – Shina Peller



Shina Abiola Peller

A member of the 9th House of Representatives representing the Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa federal constituency of Oyo State, Hon. Shina Peller has underscored the need for the Southern region of the country to produce the next President in the forthcoming 2023 general election.

Hon. Peller stated this in Abuja, at the sideline of his 46th Birthday and the unveiling of the Shina Peller Leadership Symposium and Dinner with the theme: ‘National Peace: The Turning Point’, tasked Nigerian youths on the need to be involved in active politics especially at the Legislative arm of government with a view to bringing about the necessary developmental changes.

While giving reasons for jettisoning the recent clamour to join the presidential race, Hon. Peller urged all Nigerians to jettison personal ambition by ensuring fairness, equity and justice in the choice of leaders for various elective positions.

He said: “Truly Nigeria needs a younger President, someone that is energetic, that is successful both in the private and the public sector, Nigeria needs a detribalized leader to take the seat of the presidency. But I will always say to you that, that position is not just something that should be an opinion of a group or a person.

“I believe that it should be a decision of everybody. We should get to a stage where we put into consideration some important qualities of what kind of leader we want in Nigeria. I don’t believe in zoning but at this time that Nigeria is transiting we need to pay attention to fairness, equity and justice.

“For these reasons, there should be the President from the South there should be the president that probably should a Christian and as you see I’m a Muslim, so forcing myself because of the clamour of some few people to take that Presidency position is like I’m being unfair to the Christians, even though I believe that Nigeria has gotten to a stage where we must put into consideration people of other religions.

“In this present administration we have three arms of government, the executive arm of government is headed by a Muslim – President Muhammadu Buhari; the Legislative arm of government Gbajabiamila and Lawan are Muslims, the Judiciary arm of government we have Tanko Mohammed as a Muslim, where is the true share of the Christians?

“So for me, even if everyone wants me to contest, there are still some other factors that we should put under consideration. And also for my generation, I believe that the youths should focus more on contesting the legislative arm of government, why? Because we need to build policies and laws that will make us strive.

“So we need the young people to look at the National Assembly and the State Assemblies more so that we can make laws that can provide the kind of environment that can make the youths thrive in Nigeria today.”

While speaking on his Nationwide Peace Tour, Hon. Peller urged Government and the Citizens to contribute their quota to ongoing efforts toward ensuring peaceful co-existence of all the citizens irrespective of tribe, ethnicity and religion.

He said: “It is important for us to make peace the most important factor that we need in Nigeria today. Whether we like it or not, the country is going through heavy turbulence and it is a time that we must all wrestle to contribute to the peace of this nation.

“And do we do that? For us to put ourselves in other people’s shoes; for us to understand as people that we must contribute love, we must contribute understanding and we must be able to take charge and make sure that our immediate environment is peaceful, without peace Nigeria can never know the progress.

“But we must understand that if we see in politics today, everybody is not a politician. If we see money today, everybody doesn’t have money but everybody has an emotion. So we should focus on our emotions and we should be our brother’s keeper, people should show love and should understand, and be peaceful in their own space,” he urged.

While reacting to the recent lynching of late Deborah Emmanuel, a 200 level Student of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto State by an angry religious extremist, Hon. Peller argued that no one has the right to take laws into their hands.

He said: “We decide to want to forget how important religion is in our lives. Religion is a thing that binds us together and whether we like it or not, there are two sets of religions in Nigeria, the major religions are Christianity and Islam. But you need to see God as the destination. The Christians must see that they can worship God through the Muslims. The Muslims should also see that they can worship God through the Christians.

“What happened in Sokoto, I understand the young Lady, may her soul rest in peace; was the case of allegedly blaspheming the Holy prophet. For that reason it is bad.

“But that does not mean we should take the laws into our hands. God created heaven and hell for a purpose and God should be the judge. No man can fight for God. It is insane to think you can fight for God. Even Mohammed, SAW, preached peaceful existence among us humans.

“So, for no reason should we take laws into our hands. And I implore the Federal Government and security agencies to make sure that whoever and anyone behind that should be brought to book,” he said.




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