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Illegal Immigrants Using Fake Portuguese Identity to Fly to US

Human smugglers are using fake Portuguese identities for their clients, in order to send them to Portugal, and from then to the United States.

According to a report provided by Times of India, by establishing a Portuguese identity, which permits them to travel to all Schengen Zone countries visa-free, the immigrants can then easily travel to the United States, reports.

A police officer from Gujarat said that “We found two gangs -one operating in the Ranip area of Ahmedabad and some parts of Umreth in Anad- sending people of various foreign countries on Portuguese passports.”

Authorities in Portugal are currently dealing with a large number of people who reach this country and attempt to reside there in an unlawful way.

Recently it has been reported that over 100,000 citizens from Brazil are residing in Portugal illegally, and they still do not have an answer from the Foreigners and Borders Office, which issues residence and work permits.

While authorities in Portugal have not officially published any statement regarding the matter, authorities in Brazil already complained about the situation and have urged Portugal to take the needed steps as soon as possible.

In this regard, the federal senator of Brazil, Chico Rodrigues, who received the data regarding the number of Brazilians residing in Portugal without the required documentation stressed that the Foreigners and Borders Office is making problems.

In addition, Rodrigues said that nationals of Brazil in Portugal are not eligible to find a job, rent a place to live or open a bank account. while stressing that Brazilians in Portugal are living in inhuman conditions.

“What we observed on the visits to Lisbon, Porto and Faro, where the three consulates are located, was a dramatic situation among Brazilians. We found people living in sub-human conditions,” the statement of senator Rodrigues reads.

In order to prevent illegal migration, authorities in Portugal are continuously working together in order to find effective solutions.

Recently, authorities in Portugal announced that they decided to facilitate the procedures for renewing residence permits, residence cards, as well as short-stay visas or temporary stay visas that are set to expire for a period between January 1 and March 31.

However, the country is still receiving a large number of people who are attempting to reach the country in an unlawful way.

The problem with people who attempt to reach European countries is among the main problems for EU countries.



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