“I’m Devastated, His Son Is Not His” – Man Laments After Friend Found Out His Child Is not His Own Via DNA Test

A man has revealed he feels not well after his friend found out that his two year-old son is not actually his child via DNA test. 

The Twitter user who shared the story said he was among those who discouraged his friend not to ‘waste’ his money on DNA test. 

Now his suspicions have been confirmed, he feels guilty. 

According to a Twitter user identified as @stevetosin, his friend noticed the miscalculation from when his wife got pregnant to when she gave birth to their son. 

After insisting on carrying out the DNA test, his two-year-old son turned out not to be his. 

“I have been sick for the past two days. My closest friend just discovered that his 2years Old Son is not his. I was one of those who discouraged him from ‘wasting’ his money to conduct a DNA test because ‘the boy looked like him’, however, thank God he insisted.

I’m devastated!

Doubts… Started with his calculation on when they had sex and when she conceived. We push it over at first that it is a big possibility since the difference is just about three weeks. The doubt grew my friend’s curiosity to confirm that the child is his,” he narrates.

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