“I’m still surprised you suddenly want to be close to your child”- Leaked Chats Between Lord Lamba & Queen Mercy Leaks

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On blogger Cutie Jul’s website, a leaked chat between reality TV queen Queen Mercy Atang and her baby daddy, Lord Lamba, has made its internet debut.

During the conversation, Lord Lamba begged Mercy to allow him access to his daughter, particularly since she is currently engaged to another man.

In addition, he expressed his regret to Queen for mistreating her during their relationship.

A part of their chat is as follows:

Lord Lamba:

Hi Queen i have been trying to reach out to you, i sent you some funds for upkeep you didnt reply, i wanted to see my child you didnt reply either, got information about your engagememt, congratulations anyways but now is when i need close attention to my child, so your husband to be is not seen as the father, you have to understand am doing all these for the sake of my daughter it is my right, we will have to result in consulting the law for a proper co-parenting of our child. Congratulations once again


Since after Keilah’s birthday to almost the end of January, you have sent your daughter only 150k for upkeep, you’ve not bothered about the wellbeing of your daughter Keilah. Neither have you asked about her or bothered to check up on her… ……you’re never tired with lies. I’m still surprised you suddenly want to be close to your child, after so much begging from month’s back

Lord Lamba:

I’m sorry for any hurt i may have caused you knowingly or unknowingly during our relationship, just hoping we find closure, you have to understand we are not perfect

Also, i think its important we have a good relationship, our daughter well-being is our priority , and i want us to work together for her sake….

Read in full:

Cutie Juls wrote ln her instagram page:

Lord Lamba congratulated Queen on her engagement when he first heard about it on January 29th, 2024.

He asked that he wants his child to start recognising him as her only dad.

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Note: Reporting from both camps is aimed at giving fair reportage

cutie_jullss Lord Lamba and Queen:

From Lord Lamba’s camp: He has always wanted to keep Princess Keila private from social media as he doesn’t want any social media pressure and drama around her.

But he had to post this particular video on that fateful day because;

After Queen posted about her engagement to David [Her fiance], in Queen’s comment section, while congratulating Queen, people also assumed David is the father of Keila.

There were comments like; “Awww finally we’ve seen the face of the father of your child”. “Aww so this is the father of your daughter and some blogs lied that it’s Lord Lamba”

They said in all these, Queen never for once replied to clear the air that Lord Lamba is the father of Keila.

So at this point, it became necessary for Lord Lamba to post his child, so to clear the air as he Keila might grow up to see all these comments and think her father allowed such comments to slide without claiming his father role.