In remembrance, BankyW reveals late Pastor Odukoya’s prophecy about him

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Olubankole Wellington, popularly BankyW has disclosed how late Pastor Taiwo Odukoya prophesied his ministry decades ago.


In remembrance of late Pastor Taiwo Odukoya who passed away on the 7th of in the USA, the Nigerian singer and Pastor revealed how the founder of the Fountain of Life church prophesied his ministry into existence.


The politician recounted via a post on his Instagram page that he was in the choir at the age of 14-15, when he was called out of the blues by the pastor in the middle of an intense prayer session.


He admitted that he was also shocked and unsure what would happen next.


Banky W explained, “He proceeded to speak over my life. He said God would use me in a big way, way beyond our local congregation and neighbourhood.”


“He said my destiny was to be used by God nationally and even internationally. That it would be more than everything we can imagine.”


Banky W claimed that the encounter was so random yet so intense and intimate. BankyW revealed that his friends teased him about blowing up soon but he thought of his limitation and age as he was the youngest in the church choir at the time.


The Waterbrooks Pastor admitted that Pastor Taiwo’s prophesy came to fulfilment decades later.


Banky W went on to encourage others not to limit the timeline of God’s words.


Expressing his gratitude, the entrepreneur and Politician recalled his Dad met Christ at the Fountain of Life church.

He added, “It was there that the seeds of the spirit of God were planted in my life”.


He ended his post,  wishing the family of the departed comfort and hoping that he sees his lost ones on the other side at the end of Earth’s journey.