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Increased migration can create remittance opportunities for Nigeria in the future -Cheta Nwanze

Cheta Nwanze, the Lead Partner at SBM Intelligence, said the japa wave currently sweeping through Nigeria can be perceived as both good and bad.

He explained that though the trend portends negative consequences in the short term due to a skilled class of Nigerians leaving, it will become very beneficial to the economy in the long term through remittances and foreign policy collaborations with politicians of Nigerian blood in the West. 

He further noted that Nigeria has long been an exporter of people for centuries, citing that part of the reason for the japa trend is because the economy not generating enough jobs. 

Japa is useful: He noted that it could be useful to create better jobs and remittance in the future, he said: 

  • It is very possible to say japa is useful for better jobs. In the short to medium term, the japa wave will hurt Nigerians. In the long term, it can be a net positive through remittances. People are leaving families behind and they still have an emotional attachment to Nigeria useful in terms of sending money back and building the economy.
  • “ It is neither good nor bad. It would be the result of what we think of it. If we can take advantage of the increasing diaspora, as they get more influential, including policy, for example, we have Kemi Badenoch in the UK parliament, has Nigeria bothered to engage with her? The UK just gave us more preferential tariffs, how can Nigeria take advantage of them, these are the questions we need to answer.”

What you should know: The Nigerian Government revealed it will adopt a one-for-one replacement to close the gaps of doctors leaving and the replacements must be on the same level as those that have left. 

This was disclosed by Nigeria’s Health Minister, Dr Osagie Ehanire at the Healthcare Federation Of Nigeria 2023 Annual Conference held in Lagos on Friday. 

The Minister noted that Nigeria currently has many doctors who are not employed as they can’t find a place for residency adding that the Ministry had appealed to the civil service commission over closing the gaps with a one-for-one replacement strategy.


... Increased migration can create remittance opportunities for Nigeria in the future -Cheta Nwanze Read More on ... Naijaonpoint.



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