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India: Muslim teachers encourage, groom, and then force Hindu students to follow Islam

In one of our previous articles, we elaborated on how educational institutions in India are increasingly turning into hotbeds for Islamic jihad. However, it wouldn’t be right to assume that jihad is promoted only in institutions for senior students or those pursuing higher studies.

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There have been several instances of Muslims becoming teachers, having made inroads into the basic-level educational units all over India. From their position of authority, they encourage, groom, and then force students to follow the ways of Islam. If any student resists, he or she is punished severely. Apart from resorting to physical assault on Hindu students, such teachers have often lured Hindu minors into romantic associations, abducting them and performing grooming jihad, popularly known as Love Jihad, upon them.

One of the recent cases of attempted grooming jihad by a Muslim teacher was reported from Begusarai in the Indian state of Bihar. On November 21, 2022, the 14-year-old victim left for her tuition classes at Mohammad Aamir’s coaching center. The girl didn’t return home, and the center had been closed since the girl went missing. When the girl’s family went to the teacher’s house, his family misbehaved with them and chased them away. Fearing a Shraddha-like outcome, the Hindu family approached the local police, and a First Information Report (FIR) was registered against Mohammad Aamir under a statute, IPC 366A, which refers to the procuration of a minor girl.

On December 1, the police released a statement confirming that after using intelligence gathering and technological and scientific research, the minor was finally recovered from Tamil Nadu, a state over 1451 miles away from Begusarai. Mohammad Aamir was arrested. Reportedly, he had been brainwashing the victim for four years; that means he had set his predatory eyes on the girl when she was just ten years old.

In a similar occurrence in November 2019, a Hindu family accused a coaching center owner and teacher of abducting their minor daughter. In this case, the family of the teacher, Mohammad Jaseem, alias Sameer, also refused to cooperate with the girl’s family. The girl’s family eventually found documents revealing that the girl had converted to Islam, assumed an Islamic name, and married the teacher. They refused to accept this, as the girl, who was born in 2002, was still a minor in 2019, and could not sign legal papers about a change of faith or marriage.

“The police must question the mosque and the notary officer who made these documents based on false information about age. But they have done nothing in a week,” reported a Hindu activist whom the Hindu family had approached for help.

In 2021, the Uttar Pradesh police arrested 25-year-old Amaan for harassing and abducting a 12th grader. Amaan was accused of pressuring the Hindu student to be in a relationship with him, convert to Islam, and marry him. When the girl refused, Amaan threatened to kill her younger brother. The girl complied and left for Delhi with him. However, the police tracked him down, and the victim was reunited with her family.

Back in 2017, Faizuddin Laskar, who was employed at Model High School, Katllicherra, Assam, received a storm of criticism for posting obscene pictures with his minor female students on social media. Disappointed locals also accused senior police officer Monirul Islam of inaction in this case.

While such instances are common, let’s shift focus to how these Muslim teachers conduct themselves with Hindu boys, or when not indulging in Love Jihad. In 2021, Nishat Begum, a teacher working in a government-run secondary school, was booked for hiring Muslim boys to beat up a Hindu student who was in the eighth grade, for sporting the tilak to school. A tilak is a sacred mark worn by Hindus after morning prayers. The victim recounted that the teacher had reprimanded him for wearing the tilak several times, and threatened him with dire consequences if he didn’t stop.

On the Garba celebration last year (a Hindu dance performed during Navratri), a Muslim teacher at a school in Nadiad, Gujarat, played Islamic music and asked students to perform Tajia. Tajia is a Shi’ite Islamic practice of inflicting injuries upon oneself in the mourning processions during Muharram. Horrid videos showed Hindu students wearing t-shirts with heretical names, beating their chests hysterically. All this turned a jolly Hindu occasion into a scene of Islamic mourning.

Such episodes of Muslims precluding Hindu students from practicing their faith and forcing Islamic practices upon them have been recorded for several years. Back in 2017, guardians of Hindu students at a government-run residential school complained that their wards were being forced to offer namaz, that is, Islamic prayers.

“Other students in the school have said the three teachers would ask the two Hindu students to abide by Islamic norms and offer namaz. The teachers also often asked the two Hindu students to convert to Islam,” teacher in-charge Naveen Shakti stated. After a three-member panel constituted by deputy commissioner Mani Ram Sharma investigated the charges against the accused, the teachers, who were teaching computer science and Urdu, were suspended, while their accomplice, the hostel warden, was transferred to another school.

Whether privately-owned coaching centers or government-run schools, Muslim teachers have all too often been targeting Hindu minors and preying upon them at the first opportunity.



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