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Indo-China Relationship: Know why after Galvan, India-China relations again reached a delicate phase, will there be a clash between the two?



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  • Will there be war between India and China?
  • China is plotting against India in Sri Lanka and Pakistan
  • China is again trying to infiltrate in the eastern Ladakh region

Indo-China Relationship: After the violent clash between the soldiers of India and China in Galvan Valley in June 2020, the relations between the two countries have once again reached a delicate phase. We are not saying this, but External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar himself has said it. About 20 soldiers of the country were martyred in the Galwan Valley conflict. At the same time, Indian soldiers also put more than 40 Chinese soldiers to death. The reason for this violent clash was China’s incursion into the eastern Ladakh region of the country. However, after this China withdrew its troops from the Indian border. After this, the ice on the relationship between the two countries was slowly melting. For a few months now, the dragon is again engaged in carrying out some such nefarious activities in the areas bordering the Indian border, in addition to neighboring Sri Lanka and Pakistan, which has brought a lot of bitterness in the relations between the two countries.

Spy ship sent to Sri Lanka and doing this act in Pakistan

Amidst the huge economic crisis in Sri Lanka, China first sent its spy ship to Sri Lankan territory. China’s intention was to spy about India from here. When India expressed strong objection to Sri Lanka regarding this and asked China to desist from its antics, now the dragon made a new move. Under this, he is in the process of making his military posts in Pakistan. So that he can siege India through both Sri Lanka and Pakistan. But India has lodged a deep objection to this nefarious act of China. Despite this, China is not ready to accept it. China has invested heavily in its ambitious Belt and Road (BRI) project in Pakistan. In such a situation, he is trying to establish his military posts on the pretext of his security.

China looking to establish its influence in Central Asia

China intends to establish its influence in Central Asia. That is why it has been making strategic investments through the Pakistan-Afghanistan route. It is estimated that China has invested more than 60 billion dollars in Pakistan so far. Now for this reason, he is pressurizing to deploy his soldiers on ...s in Pakistan. Earlier, he has also demanded to send his troops to military posts for Gwadar port and Gwadar airport. On this pretext, he wants to increase his reach and threat in Central Asian countries including India.

Infiltration attempt again in Eastern Ladakh

China is once again trying to infiltrate in the eastern Ladakh region. Due to this, the tension between India and China is increasing continuously. Earlier, after eating the mouth in Galvan, the dragon had retreated for some time, but it seems that he had a trick in this too. Now he is trying to surround India with more preparation. It is engaged in infiltrating its troops into the Eastern Ladakh region.

After Nepal, now the strings on Sri Lanka

China has made Pakistan its admirer for years. After this, he has also provoked Nepal against India. A year ago, there was a lot of bitterness in the relations between India and Nepal. All this was happening at the behest of China. Now taking advantage of the economic and political upheaval in Sri Lanka, they have started putting strings there too. So that India can be surrounded from all sides. This is the reason why the relations between India and China are becoming increasingly fragile.

Could there be war between India and China?

According to experts, instead of reining in its nefarious antics, it is increasing it more. Due to this the level of tension between the two countries is increasing. It is meaningless to expect that China will desist from its antics. On the other hand, India is ready to give a tough answer to China due to its strong political leadership. If the actions of China do not stop even in the Indian border area, then it will not take long for a war to break out between the two countries. Because India does not approve of these actions of the dragon at all.

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