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Influencer Life Shows Its Dark Side in New Trailer for The Age of Influence

the age of influence hulu

As social media continuously grows and capitalizes more and more upon itself, it's single-handedly proven itself to be one of the most powerful tools in the modern world, for better or worse. All you really need is a smartphone and an account with the platform of your choice, and where you go from there is the million-dollar question that, in some very uncouth and immoral ways, has made certain people far more than that amount of money. The darker side of social media influence, and its profound impact particularly on the younger generations is the focal point of ABC's newest upcoming docu-series The Age of Influence. Per a report from Collider, a trailer has dropped to give a firsthand look at the fascinating yet unsettling stories of several infamous influencers who took the entirely wrong path with social media for the sake of fame and a brief taste of wealth, even at the cost of friends and family.



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