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Infrastructure: Jakande estate residents write over 250 complaint letters to Lagos governor

Residents of Jakande Estate, Oke-Afa, Isolo in Lagos, said they have written over 250 letters of complaints to the office of the Lagos state governor to complain of infrastructural neglect in the estate in the last three years.

The concerned residents, who bemoaned the Lagos state government’s neglect of infrastructure within the community, said their demand had not been attended to three years after.

The President, Estate Youth Parliament (EYP), Mr. Adeyemi Yusuf, who spoke in an interview in Lagos, Monday, said the state government had failed to yield to their demands.

He said: “The government has failed to yield to our demands and we are very sad that all these requests could linger for so long despite seeing and hearing of their actions over the same issues in other areas of Lagos. We have written a combined letter of nothing less than 250 to the Governor’s Office, Ministry of Education, Lagos SUBEB and Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB).

“On the renovation of the only public primary school in our Estate and the lighting of the community of which the LSEB has been around since October 2019 for survey, unfortunately, up till today, nothing has been done to address these demands.

“And after several follow ups to the LSEB office, we have been told many times that it is the governor’s assent that is delaying the lighting project. As it is always a part of their yearly budget, and it had been promised to be included in this year’s 2023 budget for the governor’s approval.’’

The EYP president said lighting was very necessary in the community to curb crime because there are lots of issues with insecurity.

“People get robbed on a daily basis due to the situation of the environment. The Low Cost Housing Estate Primary School too has been visited for the requested renovation. But unfortunately again, the workers stopped work after just two weeks without any notice of why they stopped.

“As at now, the school remains in a sorry state as the roofings, toilets, classes among infrastructural defects are being experienced in the school, making the place non conducive for pupils and teachers.

“The roads have never been touched. The ones there are still the ones the former governor, Alhaji Lateef Jakande, did in the 80s. The Council Chairman did a bit on 1st Junction to NEPA junction but there is more to be done by the government as over five roads are in very bad condition.

“This incumbent government is not doing anything for us here at all despite making demands and the governor will want us to vote for him. We, however, appeal to him, if he will listen, to please approve the lighting of our Estate by the agency in charge as they said they have all the requirements to do so. But his consent is all they need to begin the project. Likewise, he should please see to the school and road matter,” he pleaded.



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