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Insecurities: We will protect lives of Yoruba land from terrorist attacks- Ogboni fraternity group

A renowned traditionalist and Oluaye, Oba Ogboni, Agbaye Awise, Iwase of yoruba land, Aree Isegun of Ijesa-land, Dr. Adetoyese Abudul Olabisan have assured Yoruba-speaking people that traditionalists in the land would ensure, their lives and territories are protected from terrorists attacks from any angle.

Oba Ogboni, who noted that hatred among the Yorubas contributed immensely to the invasion of the enemies into their territories in a speech obtained by our reporter at the weekend, charged them to be united and formidable to confront all situations.

He argued that if love reigns among them, they will not allow enemies to penetrate their midst, talkless of conspiring with enemies without perpetrating wicked acts like kidnapping and other nefarious activities in their different domains.

The reverend Ogboni fraternity icon, who made this assurance while speaking with newsmen on his annual offering of sacrifices and appeasing Yoruba gods and goddesses on “Odun Ile” celebration for the protection of the tribe, hinted that all Ogboni fraternity members are working seriously to ensure the safety of their tribe from the hands of evil perpetrators.

According to him, “God is the father and land is the mother, we take the power of blessing from the land to bless the people from Federal to state and individual town levels, we pray for more blessing, this year will be the 29th year of doing this festival because the festival elaborates annually.”

“On this day, we worship Esu, Egba, Ajobi to seek blessings from them and to appeal to them on protection, peace and safety of the land.”

” We noticed greediness has taken over the world, and things are changing for the worse. That is why the fraternity group is trying to ensure things are rightly positioned in their appropriate places and get our society rid of inhuman acts.”

“Though in the past, we have been doing this appeasement in the secrets, and that is why peace and harmony are recorded in our communities in Yoruba land, and when we see the positive impacts, we are now making it known in public and encouraging young ones to join us to achieve collective success in this direction.”

” What Ogboni wants is equality, fairness, oneness, peace, love, and harmony. We decry segregation, disharmony, tribalism, sectionalism, war, chaos and other forms of acrimonies that could cause disintegration in our abodes. Still, if eventually, untoward acts occur, we will face it by mediating for peace among embittered ones because our power is to help each other to progress, not to fight or cause problems.”

While emphasizing that, the presidential election will be like that of Chief Moshood Abiola’s election in 1993 because, they have made so many sacrifices to ensure peace before, during, and after the exercise, he affirmed that the person to steer the ship of the country would be the least expected one to rule, and there would be no
fights nor chaos during the period.

Dr. Adetoyese further charged the government not to handle security matters with levity and asked for the involvement of traditionalists to tackle insecurities confronting the country.



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