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Inside Drake’s ‘Punk’d’ Episode, Which Ashton Kutcher Calls ‘Relatively Complicated’ and ‘Delightful’

When you’re Ashton Kutcher and your job entails creating a scene that’s believable enough to shake professional entertainers, you have to go big or go home. This is especially true when you’re target is hitmaker Drake, who commonly makes headlines for his beef with fellow hip-hop artists and is not easily rattled.

That’s part of what makes this episode of the MTV show Punk’d so special. Clearly, Kutcher knew what he was up against. It’s the sheer, over-the-top, chaotic moment after chaotic moment, with each one topping the previous in a hilarious string of unthinkable disasters. In fact, the episode was so grandiose that, according to Kutcher, it made it difficult to pull off but worth every bit of effort. 



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