Instagram Comedian Cute Abiola Reported Missing

Cute Abiola, an Instagram comic who is also a navy officer, has been reported missing.

Mr Macaroni, a fellow comedian, posted the news on Twitter, along with a Whatsapp message he got. The last time Cute Abiola’s wife and companions heard from him, according to the message, was on November 15.

While no one has heard from him since then, it is also claimed that he is imprisoned in a Nigerian navy cell and that no one knows what crime he committed.

Reacting to the sudden disappearance, Deo Macaroni has asked the Nigerian navy to comment about the whereabouts of Abiola to clear uncommon thoughts in mind.


In other news,

Reno Omokri, who has teamed up with internet users, recently slammed the actress on her Instagram page for questioning the prospect of people being killed during the nonviolent protest.

After findings from the Lagos Judicial Panel contradicted the narrative she was attempting to develop about the horrible incident, Omotola Jalade’s post sparked outrage among Nigerians.

Slamming the Nollywood actress, Reno Omokri wrote:

“Nigerians must never forget the useless yeyebrities, who used their so called sexiness and celebrity to deny that the #LekkiMassacre ever occurred. Their actions must have consequences, or it will keep reoccurring. God bless @falzthebahdguy, @mrmacaroni1 and @djswitch_,who stayed true, while some Omoshameless character, who does not know how to use her celebrity to promote any thing that does not involve sex, was dancing on the graves of those courageous youths who sacrificed their lives during #EndSARS so that her children can have a better Nigeria!”

See ….. below:

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