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Instagram’s Twitter Competitor “Project 92” Screenshot Leak Shows Early Look

Instagram Project 92 Screenshot Leak
  • Project 92 could be called Threads when it releases publically.
  • Meta is testing Project 92 with select celebrities around the globe.
  • Project 92 will be interoperable with other ActivityPub-powered apps like Mastodon.

The way Elon Musk has run Twitter since he took over has left many devoted users of the platform wanting alternatives. This led to the popularity of apps like Mastodon and Bluesky and as a result, the social media juggernaut Meta does not want to be left behind. It has been working on a Twitter competitor internally codenamed Project 92 for the last few months. This under-development social network has now surfaced in a new leak that gives us an idea of what it might look like.

Instagram Twitter Competitor Project 92 Screenshot Leak

A screenshot of Project 92’s presentation slide has leaked and been shared by The Verge. It was a presentation from one of the top Meta executives for other employees. The leaked slide mentions Project 92 release timeline as “Coming Soon” which means it could arrive sooner than later. It then shows three interfaces of the app meant for SSO (Single Sign-On), Feed, and Reply.

SSO is the page on which users will be able to sign in. The slide shows the Twitter competitor app will support Instagram accounts. This is not surprising as Instagram is behind the development. It will be a stand-alone app and could be called Threads once it releases publically.

Project 92 is powered by an open and decentralized social networking protocol ActivityPub. This is the reason the app is expected to support other ActivityPub-powered apps like Mastodon. It means users will be able to use the same set of login credentials and take their accounts and followers to other apps.

Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer at Meta, reportedly described the app as “our response to Twitter”. He added, “We’ve been hearing from creators and public figures who are interested in having a platform that is sanely run, that they believe that they can trust and rely upon for distribution.” Many celebrities have reportedly committed to using the app expected to release as soon as possible.

As per the screenshot, Project 92’s feed interface is very similar to what we have on Twitter. One can see the user’s name along with the verified badge and the shared post. Each post has options to like, comment, re-share on your feed, and share on other platforms. There are tabs for the user to access the home screen, search, compose a new post, check liked posts and view his own profile.

Even the Reply interface is a Twitter clone. You have your original poster at the top followed by replies. The app seems to be prioritizing replies from verified accounts. You can further check the number of likes and replies each reply has received. All-in-all, Project 92 is looking like a Twitter clone as per the leaked screenshot but things could change by the time it is officially announced.

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