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Internet Raises Questions After Some Notice Item in Paul Pelosi’s Hand During Attack

On Friday, the police footage of the Paul Pelosi attack was released.

The footage showed Pelosi in his underwear holding a drink in his hand when David DePape hit him with a hammer.


Some users noticed that Paul Pelosi was holding a drink in his hand which is not typically something you’d be doing during a “brutal attack.”

Theories began to swirl through Twitter. Some users saw this as proof that their theories that Pelosi and DePape had a past was vindicated.

Others however noted that Pelosi was trying to appear calm and collected to deescalate the situation.

Check out some reactions from Twitter below:

Mike Cernovich took a different approach.

“It’s called deescalation,” he said. “Do any of you supposed experts on home security have any understanding of how you’re supposed to respond in these situations? If you’re 80 year old Paul Pelosi, you can’t body slam a 300 pound meth head. You CALM him down and let police handle.”

Candace Owens agreed.


This story is still developing. Stay tuned…




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