Interswitch, Sacco Ease Financial Transactions for Teachers

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

A strategic partnership to allow teachers to make seamless financial transactions through a highly secure chip and pin payment card has been entered into by Interswitch Group and Gusii Mwalimu Sacco.

With this deal, over 31,000 members of the Sacco would have access to use the Verve debit card of Africa’s leading integrated digital payment and e-commerce company and enable them to transact from 185 countries across the world.

Interswitch Group Kenya Country General Manager, Ms Romana Rajput, said the payments firm is deepening relations with a wide range of financial services providers to boost local, international, and cross-border transactions over a secure platform.

“Our partnership with Gusii Mwalimu Sacco will further help us to reach and empower more individuals and communities in Africa. As we get more people on our platforms using our payment solutions, we can understand their challenges better and create solutions that are tailored for Africa,” she said

Gusii Mwalimu Sacco draws its membership from the Teachers Service Commission, universities, National and County governments as well as non-governmental organizations.

Verve is accepted on more than 2,000 ATMs and over 10,000 merchant POS stores countrywide, guaranteeing customers more convenience of completing transactions anywhere, 24/7 affordably.

“This new digital banking solution will meet the unique needs of our members while still being consistent with international standards and outlook. It will provide convenience and control beyond cash for the Sacco members,” said Gusii Mwalimu Sacco Chairman, Mr David Ogega.

The payment cards also give users the ability to regulate and monitor their expenses while offering business owners the opportunity to retain existing customers and attract new ones by offering a more convenient way to pay.

“Verve is the rewarding way to pay because it not only guarantees easy and convenient payments, but its users also enjoy consistent rewarding offers like subscription and payment discounts from their favourite vendors,” added Ms Rajput.

Settlement and transaction tracking is also easier with digital payments which in turn lead to optimized processes and a more vibrant business.

“I am confident that with our track record over the years, this partnership would equally be successful in attracting a very good number of our members and more importantly improve our quality of service leading to more confidence and growth of the Sacco,” the Sacco chairman, Mr Ogega added.

Interswitch said the introduction of the card with its dynamic features is an affirmation of its consistent commitment to making payments easy and convenient across Africa and driving strategic partnerships that will position the firm for greater impact on the continent.

“We will continue to design and promote payment solutions that provide an enabling environment for businesses and individuals to prosper across Africa,” she said.

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