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Iran Nuclear Deal: Iran Nuclear Deal will be ‘alive’ once again! Biden on his knee due to a mistake by Trump, now will be his last attempt in Vienna



Iran Nuclear Deal - India TV Hindi News
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Iran Nuclear Deal


  • Talks to be held in Vienna on Iran nuclear deal
  • Donald Trump pulled America out of the deal in 2018
  • Joe Biden is trying to get America involved

Iran Nuclear Deal: Iran, the United States and the European Union (EU) said on Wednesday that they would send their envoys to Vienna to discuss Iran’s nuclear program. The move appears to be a last-ditch effort to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers. However, it was not immediately clear whether other parties involved in the historic agreement would also attend the impromptu convention. It is also not known whether any progress has been made in the indirect talks between the US and Iran in Doha.

The US pulled itself out of the deal in 2018 during the tenure of the then President Donald Trump. But now the current US President Joe Biden is doing everything possible to include America in the agreement. EU official Enrique Mora, who presided over the talks in Vienna, tweeted that at the center of the talks would be a draft ready to reinstate the agreement recently. At the same time, Iran said that it is sending its nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani to the Austrian capital Vienna.

America doesn’t expect much

The US Special Representative for Iran, Rob Malley, also tweeted that he is also preparing to go to Vienna for talks. He also cautioned that America’s “expectations are limited” ahead of the talks. “The United States welcomes the efforts of the EU and stands ready to work in good spirits towards the agreement,” Malley said. It will be known soon whether Iran is ready with similar sentiments. It is noteworthy that the effort to restore this agreement had come to a standstill sometime back when different parties stuck to their stand.

Iran asked for guarantee from America

Iran also demanded that the US guarantee that it would not withdraw from the deal and lift terrorism sanctions imposed on its paramilitary Revolutionary Guard. The sudden announcement of talks in Vienna is seen as a result of the EU’s foreign affairs chief Josef Borrell’s relentless efforts over the past weeks to resolve the impasse. He said in a recent article for The Financial Times that “the prospects for an extra-important reconciliation are dwindling.”

Iran has violated the conditions

Former US President Donald Trump announced America’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018. In this agreement, many sanctions against Iran were lifted in lieu of a ban on its nuclear program. According to nuclear non-proliferation experts, Iran started large-scale nuclear activities after the US withdrew from the deal. It has violated the terms of the deal and has enough highly refined uranium to make a nuclear weapon.

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