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Irish Writer Says Joe Biden Is The World’s Worst Catholic

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, one Irish writer called Joe Biden “the world’s worst Catholic.” Ruth Dudley Edwards, went on to describe the President as “an appalling Catholic who publicly flouts the church’s most cherished teachings and is about as authentically Irish as a leprechaun hat in a St Patrick’s Day parade.”

Edwards is a historian, author, and commentator from Northern Ireland. She has written numerous books on a variety of subjects, including crime fiction, historical biographies, and in this case: political commentary. Edwards negative view of the President is shared by many Americans.


Biden has visited Ireland several times and has spoken publicly about his Irish roots on numerous occasions.  While talking about Biden, however, Edwards said, “President Joe Biden’s self-delusion seems to be boundless. When he looks in the mirror, he apparently sees an upright Irish Catholic true to the historic values of his deeply rooted religious identity.”

Edwards then attacked Biden’s policies on abortion and child sex change surgeries:

“Let’s be clear: Biden is perfectly entitled to believe whatever he wants. Many Americans – including many Catholics – will agree with his views, for example, on the issue of abortion, which once saw him denied Holy Communion on the campaign trail in South Carolina. What sticks in the craw is his willingness to use his Irish Catholic identity to burnish his image while seemingly knowing nothing about either.

Not for Joe Biden the moral wrestling of serious Catholics. His schtick is ‘compassion.’ And now he is a warrior for the rights of parents to approve “gender-affirming transitional medical care” for their children.”

Edwards continued, “Yet Biden has shown no interest in addressing Catholic teaching. He’s focused on placating Democratic progressives by confronting Republican politicians like Texas governor Greg Abbott, whose administration says medical treatment aimed at transitioning children can be a form of child abuse.”

Dudley Edwards is well known for her writings on Irish history and politics. She has been a vocal critic of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Sinn Féin, the political party associated with the IRA. She has also written extensively about the Northern Ireland conflict, including her book “The Faithful Tribe: An Intimate Portrait of the Loyal Institutions,” which examines the Orange Order, the Royal Black Institution, and other Protestant organizations in Northern Ireland.

In addition to her writing, Dudley Edwards is a regular commentator on current events in Ireland and the UK, appearing on television and radio programs. She has also served as a visiting professor at several universities, including the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Liverpool.




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