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Iron Man Just Turned One Of His Greatest Weaknesses Into A Huge Power

In “Invincible Iron Man” #4, Iron Man deals with the fallout of spending his entire fortune to take some of the deadliest weapons in the Marvel Universe off of the black market. A man named Feilong has emerged as Tony Stark’s replacement in the public eye, with the villain buying up Stark Industries and watching Iron Man become essentially helpless as he takes over his tech and empire.

Feilong is a new Marvel villain with specific hatred for mutants after they beat him in a space race to colonize Mars. Believing that mutants stole everything he has worked for, Feilong is forced to de-fuel his rocketships and end his endeavor to survive on the planet, now known as Arakko. Previously, Feilong had experimented on himself, giving him cosmic energy projection powers and making him a formidable threat in a one-on-one fight against Iron Man.

However, in the latest confrontation between Iron Man and Feilong, Stark reveals one of his armor’s newest abilities. Creating a giant ball of energy, Stark shares that after years of development and a fortune spent on testing, he has become capable of making a blast that would reset every electronic device that is hit in its path. With no cameras around, he then grabs Feilong and tells him he knows his heart was broken by the mutants beating him to mars but won’t let him use his technology to hurt anyone else.



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