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Is Balenciaga In Crisis Mode? Items Are Being Sold 50% Off Amid Controversial Children’s Campaign

Balenciaga is having controversy on one end to deal with while the 50% off and free shipping strategy of the brand is hinting at a possible struggle on the part of the brand. Well, it was quite obvious to see the brand in such a way that though has been steady in the market for decades. While now it is facing backlash and criticism from all around the world for its insane ad campaigns. But is Balenciaga really struggling?

Read ahead to know more about Balenciaga might be struggling as it comes with the strategy of 50% off and free shipping for the brand.

Balenciaga Recent controversy

In the past few weeks, the widely known brand Balenciaga has been keeping itself steady in headlines, and all for a bad reason. As the brand was planning for its summer/spring 2023 collection. It came up posting some of the ad pics from those collections on social media.

But unfortunately, it all backfired on the brand. The ad campaign involving kids holding bear bags with bondage gear on them and even showing some documents with child po*nography laws on it was badly slammed by all. Further, some even related the brand with Satanism. Which ultimately made all try to boycott the brand.

Is Balenciaga struggling? Brand comes with 50% off and free shipping strategy

Though Balenciaga after all its ad campaign controversy might have made an apology and removed the ad pics from social media. The ages-old brand has certainly scarred its name and reputation to a great extent. That might have an impact on the brand forever.

In fact, the recent strategy of the brand Balenciaga coming up with its 50 % off and free shipping tactics is making all think that certainly, the brand is struggling now. As people have been literally not buying anything of the brand post that controversial ad campaign.

Celebs slammed for wearing Balenciaga

Not just the common customers of Balenciaga. But even celebs who were spotted wearing Balenciaga were badly slammed for wearing the brand. Surely, the time is tough for the brand as people are furious over the ad campaign of the brand.

In fact, the hashtag “Burn Balenciaga” too trended a lot on social media. That was to make people aware of boycotting the brand. While the brand is definitely trying hard to make everyone convinced with the brand again.

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