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Is betrayal based on a true story? Here’s what we know

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When discussing the character of Adam, Matt really wanted him to feel like a guy you would meet in “everyday life.” He said:

“What always amazed me about those in this line of work is how fine they fit into everyday life – how easy and easy it would be to meet them at a party or sit next to them on the tube, chat with them a bit and not know what they do for a living. These are the people who are not good at pretending to be a part of us, they are a part of us. They are drawn from our world and our society… I wanted Adam to feel that way… He had to feel real and fallible and fallible, and that was the starting point for him. … I wanted to feel like we could imagine this guy going to work, we could imagine what he was doing and it would affect him, and then he would come home and have to have dinner with his kids and not tell them anything. This is real and it happens to people.”


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