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Is Lifetime’s Danger Below Deck Based on a True Story?

Directed by Vic Sarin, Lifetime’s ‘Danger Below Deck,’ AKA ‘Sugar,’ is a thrilling crime film that follows two influencers, Chloe and Melanie. While trying to enjoy their luxury cruise vacation through the Caribbean and the South Pacific Ocean, the two internet stars must balance their real-life wants with their online demands. When things suddenly take a dangerous turn, both have to work together to survive what is to come.

Starring Katherine McNamara and Jasmine Sky Sarin, the film has garnered much praise due to its riveting storyline and stellar cast. While the movie’s plot has garnered much fame, a few fans cannot help but wonder just how the story came to be. Is it inspired by real-life events or a fictional tale that keeps you hooked? Well, here is everything that we know about the same!

Is Danger Below Deck a True Story?

No, ‘Danger Below Deck’ is not based on a true story. The film’s engaging writing can be attributed to the combined efforts of Ben Johnstone, Annelies Kavan, and Vic Sarin. As it turns out, Johnstone has also served as a staff writer for ‘Just Passing Through,’ while Kavan is the one who penned ‘Love and Penguins.’ As for Vic Sarin, the man in question is not only one of the writers but is also the movie’s Director and Cinematographer. Some of his directorial credits include ‘Kidnapped in Paradise‘ and ‘A Surrogate’s Nightmare.’

Despite its breathtaking locations and luxurious settings, the Lifetime film conveys a sense of realism due to its usage of themes that one cannot help but relate to on a daily basis. The differences in the personalities of the two influencers when considering their real-life actions with their online images are hard to ignore, and it is a topic quite relevant to the present society. With the ever-growing industry of online content creation, the genuineness of the people involved in the industry has often been a topic of debate.

Indeed, in the contemporary world, people are often fans of some form of online influence, even if they might not necessarily be due to young female content creation. That being said, the apparent duality of their online and offline personas is something that is often made fun of though it can also lead to some severe consequences depending upon the severity of lies and the fanbase created by an influencer. That is not to say that every content creator online can be accused of this, even though they may exaggerate certain parts of their lives.

The theme of two people who don’t seem to like each other having to work together is a concept that is not that uncommon though the Lifetime film has its own spin on it. However, the fatal possibilities that Chloe and Melanie have to face together are far from simple and explore many complicated themes. As they try to make the best out of a bad situation, the movie also sees them growing emotionally.

Overall, ‘Danger Below Deck’ is not based on real-life events but certainly makes use of enough realistic elements for one to be actively engaged in the events seen on the screen. The exploration of some of the more problematic parts of the world of online influencers is certainly fresh but is combined with tropes that one can easily follow and enjoy.

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