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Is Netflix’s Copycat Killer Based on a True Story?

Directed by Chang Jung-chi and Henri Chang, Netflix’s Mandarin-language Taiwanese assortment ‘Copycat Killer’ revolves spherical a assortment of murders that happen inside the metropolis of Songyan inside the Nineties. Prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi models out to look out the serial killer, who not solely murders his victims ruthlessly nevertheless taunts his victims’ households. Kuo’s investigation leads him to Jia-wun, the prime suspect inside the case.

Although Kuo and the legislation enforcement officers virtually conclude that Jia-wun is the serial killer they’ve been on the lookout for, a variety of developments make the prosecutor perceive that the suspect is a mere pawn inside the fingers of a brutal and evil drive. Since the crime assortment is extraordinarily lifelike, one can’t help nevertheless ponder whether or not the equivalent relies on an precise serial killer’s life and the murders he devoted. Well, permit us to current the reply!

Is Copycat Killer a True Story?

No, ‘Copycat Killer’ shouldn’t be based on a actual story. The assortment is a television adaptation of Japanese type fiction creator Miyuki Miyabe’s novel ‘Mohōhan,’ which interprets to ‘The Copycat.’ Like the gathering, Miyabe’s novel may also be fictional. However, the celebrated author was impressed by the real-life murders devoted by Tsutomu Miyazaki to jot down the novel. Miyazaki killed 4 girls, between the ages of 4 and 7, and sexually molested their corpses between 1988 and 1989. The fourth sufferer’s physique stays have been reportedly current in Koto Ward, Tokyo, the place Miyabe lived on the time. Miyabe encountered her sister’s fear and worry over elevating her kids in such a society, which deeply affected the author to jot down her novel.

Although the serial killer inside the crime assortment isn’t even a fictionalized mannequin of Tsutomu Miyazaki, there are some chilling similarities between the fictional character and the real-life serial killer. Like Miyazaki dismembered his victims’ corpses, the character severs a few of his victims’ our our bodies. Jia-yi’s severed hand and Zih-cing’s severed head are two examples. One of basically probably the most condemnable acts Miyazaki did is taunting one in every of his victims’ households, significantly by sending them her stays. In the gathering, the serial killer sends Yi-jyun’s hair to her grandfather and makes him imitate a canine in public in order so as to add to his misery.

Neither Miyabe’s novel nor Chang Jung-chi and Henri Chang’s current intention to cope with the graphic particulars of the serial killer’s actions. Instead, every the novel and current try to look at the have an effect on of the crimes on the households of the victims. In the gathering, Yi-jyun’s grandfather helplessly begs the felony for his granddaughter’s ineffective physique so that he can “bring her back home” and bury her. Lin Shang-yong’s predicament shouldn’t be completely totally different. As a police officer, he’ll get pressured to analysis his private daughter’s kidnapping after getting taunted by the serial killer a variety of situations. The protagonist Kuo Hsiao-chi moreover loses one in every of his relations, which motivates him to hold down the serial killer.

In addition, ‘Copycat Killer’ may also be an exploration of “good” and “evil.” “Beneath the thriller and detective story lies a story of how humanity struggles between good and evil,” co-director Chang Jung-chi suggested Netflix. Prosecutor Kuo and the serial killer symbolize the binary of fantastic and evil. “Copycat Killer depicts a story of how desires, when out of control, can cause evil to go viral in a city. We hope that the confluence and fluidity of good and evil in the series will be able to provide healing to our viewers in this world of madness, where a lot more can be done to help and support each other,” co-producer Hank Tseng suggested Netflix within the equivalent interview.

‘Copycat Killer’ moreover depicts the multidimensions of evilness as a result of the serial killer seeks power and authority over the victims’ relations, significantly by predominant them to circumstances throughout which they’re humiliated and tarnished. Since these factors of the serial killer’s actions have a variety of real-life parallels, it’s protected to say that the current is rooted essentially no matter being fictional.



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