Is ‘Siesta Key’ Star Madisson Hausburg Expecting? Pregnancy Speculations Rise as She Opens Up About IUI Treatment

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Siesta Key star Madisson Hausburg has shared a pic from the hospital on her social media and many think she is pregnant. Well, fans were shocked to see the tv star in the hospital and assumed she was expecting. However, Madisson has herself told everyone if she is really pregnant or not.

Read ahead to know more about Madisson Hausburg pics from the hospital sparks pregnancy rumors.

A little about Madisson Hausburg

Madisson Hausburg has been a popular tv star from Siesta Key. Apart from the show she appeared in, her relationship with Ish Soto grabbed more attention. Duo got along the show and later married each other too. However, the parents of Madisson certainly didn’t like the age gap Madi and Ish shared.

Both Madi and Ish have a long age gap of 20 years. Yet, fans have been praising the couple for the relationship they have. Although, Madi has been having a not-so-easy journey in terms of her pregnancy especially after she lost her son Elliot. Recently, Madi shared some pics from the hospital giving rise to rumors.

Madisson Hausburg shares pics from hospital

Madisson Hausburg was over the moon after marrying her love Ish Soto and getting pregnant with her first child. However, it all turned upside down when Madi gave birth to a stillborn son Elliot. Certainly, it did leave the couple heartbroken post losing their son.

Although, recently Madi shared some pics on her social media from hospital. In the pic one can see Madi in the hospital attire. Post which her fans have been thinking if she is pregnant. But before you believe Madi is pregnant or sick. She has revealed what the hospital pics were all about.


Is Madisson Hausburg pregnant?

Well, Madisson Hausburg isn’t pregnant. Along with her pic from the hospital though, she captioned the image that read “No, I’m not pregnant. But we are making big strides. Thanks to my wonderful team @springfertility for being so proactive and not giving up on me!”.

Despite the fact that Madisson’s fertility journey hasn’t been an easy one. She hasn’t been upset about it. Rather Madi has been looking happy and grateful all the time. Even in her recent pics from the hospital Madi looked hopeful and happy. Moreover, her fans have been too supportive of her throughout her journey.

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