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Is Snoop Dogg Replacing Elon Musk? After Rapper Wins Poll As Twitter Ceo

Snoop Dogg shared a similar poll on Twitter hours after Elon Musk asked netizens if he should step down as CEO of the microblogging service – in what appeared to be an attempt to mock Musk – as he attempted to portray himself as his alternative. In contrast to Musk’s poll, Dogg’s asks whether he should run Twitter as CEO instead of stepping down. An overwhelming 1,621,977 votes were cast in just 11 hours, with an astounding 81 percent supporting him. As the rapper seemingly seized control of Twitter, Twitter seemed exhilarated. The remark was made that Snoop will probably hire back everyone Elon fired and bring pizza for everyone to eat. Personally, I would vote for @SnoopDogg. One person commented, President Dogg sounds good.

If Dogg takes over, one user suggested rebranding it “tWEEDter”. Elon Musk had received 17 million votes, of which 57.5 percent were in favour of him stepping down, and 42.5 percent were against it. The 51-year-old billionaire had previously told a Delaware court he would hire a new executive to run Twitter. Later, he appeared to differ. In response to a question from a Twitter user about possible leadership changes, Musk said, “there is no successor”. As the technology tycoon, who also owns Tesla and SpaceX, had pledged to “abide by the results”, the poll result gained even more attention. The question remains whether Musk will follow through on his promises.

In A Poll To Replace Elon Musk As Twitter’s CEO, Snoop Dogg Wins By A Decisive Margin

When Snoop Dogg polled Twitter users about becoming the new boss, he received widespread support. The poll came after Elon Musk, Twitter’s current head asked his followers if he should resign following complaints about the company’s moderation policies and banning journalists. 51-year-old Musk promised he would follow the results of the vote – which resulted in a comfortable majority of 57.5 percent for Musk to resign from his position. Accordingly, Snoop went to his own followers and asked whether he should run Twitter. Snoop was overwhelmingly approved of by more than 2.6 million voters, with over 80% wanting him to run the site.

As one of hip-hop’s most successful businessmen, Snoop Dogg has established a global brand. Aside from purchasing Death Row Records, he has a massive investment in Reddit, he’s pushing his own cereal with Master P., he’s launching a hot dog line, and he’s raised $100 million for his cannabis fund Casa Verde Capital. Although Elon Musk doesn’t comment on poll results, he did tweet, “Those who want power are the ones least deserving of it.” Although it wasn’t confirmed whether he was referring to Snoop Dogg or to his latest Twitter dump. Since Musk bought the platform for $44 billion in October, he has faced criticism from all quarters. A few journalists covering Twitter had their accounts suspended by him recently, which raised eyebrows as well.

Fans Ask Elon Musk To make Snoop Dogg Twitter CEO



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