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Is the untold horror movie on TikTok real or fake and is it on Netflix

Horror is a movie genre that seeks to elicit fear or disgust in the viewers or fans of ghost films. These days untold horror movie on TikTok is a trending topic, know if it is on Netflix

Horror movies are often explored as dark subject matter. These movies include elements like monsters, religious or folk beliefs as well as some apocalyptic events. Amazing Cinematic techniques are used in these movies to provoke psychological reactions in the audience.

Is the untold horror movie on TikTok real or fake and is it available on Netflix

A TikTok account of user tmi_7 had recently uploaded a video that details an alleged new horror film on the OTT platform Netflix and that video also features a poster for the movie. After doing some research on it, we can say that this horror movie is not available on Netflix.

“A horror movie which has been told to be on Netflix, people are currently saying that this movie is scarier than ever,” an user, named tmi_7 has explained by adding a mock-up poster in the background.

This is all fabrication and there are a few signs that suggest that it’s fake. Initially, the website which is displayed at the bottom in doesn’t direct you to the website for the movie. Secondly, by logging onto Netflix and then searching for it you won’t find it there, despite the release date poster saying 7th of March 2023.

An idea of the 4% of accounts that have been able to complete viewing is incredibly farfetched.

96% of people couldn’t find the untold horror film on Netflix

Several comments are made on the TikTok post while a few of them have joined in the prank by alleging that they hopped into Netflix and have watched untold horror film. On the other hand, several people have made fun of the attempt.

The horror movies on Netflix you should see are below

Although no one could find out the Untold horror film on Netflix, there are many more horror movies on Netflix worth your time, some are given below,

  1. Apostle
  2. A Classic Horror Story
  3. The Clovehitch Killer
  4. Fear Street Trilogy
  5. Get Out
  6. Hush
  7. Insidious
  8. The Woman In Black

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