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Israel launches attack on missile depot in Syria



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Satellite images showed widespread destruction at a huge military facility in western Syria that was the target of a recent Israeli airstrike where hundreds of missiles were reportedly for Iranian-backed fighters.

Local media reported that two were injured in Thursday night’s shelling near the cities of Tartus and Hama, which set fires to nearby forests. Reports stated that the missiles were fired from the Mediterranean and that most of them were shot down. Syrian opposition activists at the time said the attack targeted an arms depot and scientific research center near the central city of Masyaf, a government stronghold between Tartus and Hama.

The Times of Israel yesterday published images taken by Planet Labs PBC and provided by Aurora Intel, a network that provides news and updates based on open source intelligence. Aurora Intel tweeted that initial analysis of satellite imagery showed that some buildings and areas were heavily damaged by reported airstrikes.

It added that the areas around the Center for Research and Scientific Studies suffered “extensive fire damage due to secondary explosions.”



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