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Italy Extends Temporary Protection Period for Ukrainian Refugees Until March 3

The Italian government has decided to extend the temporary protection period for displaced Ukrainians until March 3 of this year.

Through a statement issued yesterday, January 26, the European Commission revealed that since March of last year, more than 170,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered Italy, reports.

According to the EU Commission, people fleeing the war in Ukraine can continue to apply for temporary protection until this period, while those who have applied since September 30, 2022 can also apply for financial support.

The same also states that the financial support is €300 per month for each family member, up to 3 months.

“Parents of children under the age of 18 are granted a supplement of €150 per month, per child. In order to be granted this funding applicants must have been living in independent accommodation (rather than in state-provided accommodation) for at least ten days of the month,” the statement reads.

Italy is not the only European country that decided to take such measures in ordert to help Ukrainians. Earlier this week, the Slovak government also announced the extension of the period of providing temporary housing for Ukrainian refugees until March 4 next year.

As explained by the Slovak Ministry of Interior, people who have Slovak residence permits that are valid until March 4, 2023, will continue to use them until March 4, 2024.

Last  month the Czech authorities also decided to allow refugees from Ukraine to continue living in its territory under the status of temporary protection until March 31, 2023.

In order for Ukrainians to be able to extend their protection status, they must personally visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic until March 30, 2023, to complete the online registration as well.

Ukrainian citizens will also need to indicate their residence in the Czech Republic and the name as well as address of the school where the child is enrolled, if any.

Authorities in Austria also decided to extend the ordinance for the temporary protection of refugees from Ukraine until March 2024.

In this regard, the government revealed that so far Austria has allowed more than 90,000 people displaced by the war in Ukraine to stay and register in the country.

Meanwhile, she added that the legal status of Ukrainians in Austria is documented through an identity card issued to these displaced persons.



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