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Italy: Three Muslim migrants attack two others for drinking a beer, stab one of them

All too often, virtue in a Sharia context is not actually the free choice of the good, but a shallow conformism based on fear.

“He drinks during Ramadan and is stabbed: more blood in Central Station,” translated from “Beve durante il Ramadan e viene accoltellato: ancora sangue in stazione Centrale,” by Francesca Galici, Il Giornale, March 27, 2023:

Crossing the areas surrounding Milan Central Station has become really dangerous. This has never been a particularly safe area, nor are the areas adjacent to the large railway buildings in all cities, but in recent years, thanks to indiscriminate immigration policies, the situation has seriously worsened, as demonstrated by the countless episodes of violence that are recorded almost daily at the hands of foreigners who live by their wits. Robberies, violence, fights and thefts have become a serious security problem, which the Municipality does not seem to be interested in noticing. The latest incident dates back to Sunday, when a knife attack on a man who was drinking beer was recorded.

Two Tunisians aged 47 and 39 were attacked by three other men of African origin because, despite Ramadan, they were seen drinking a beer. The holy month for the Arab religion, in fact, stipulates that from dawn to dusk neither food nor water is consumed. Moreover, practicing Muslims are usually abstainers, so the three attackers saw that gesture as a serious offense against religion and decided to intervene violently. During the ensuing dispute, the 49-year-old was hit in the side by a blade. His life is not in danger and he was immediately accompanied in yellow code to the Milan polyclinic to carry out the necessary checks, but his conditions do not currently cause concern.

The two attacked were identified by the carabinieri patrol which arrived on the spot after the report, but the three attackers disappeared before the uniformed police arrived, so it was not possible to stop them. Now the military are analyzing the images of the security cameras to try to trace their identity, also thanks to the description provided by the two victims. As much as the left wants to deny it, the perception of security in Milan is at an all-time low.

Just a few days ago, in that area, several people were stabbed by a North African who was attempting to carry out muggings. Residents are afraid, tourists do not feel safe among irregular immigrants and gangs of Roma pickpockets. The central station is no man’s land and the mayor doesn’t seem to care: evidently the ideological battles against the government are more important than the safety and decorum of the city he administers.



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