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‘It’s Wild!’: Jon Stewart Sounds Off on Herschel Walker Abortion Scandal

The problem with Jon Stewart not returning to Apple TV+ until the end of this week for its second season, and yet somehow the first daily show host managed to beat every other current late-night host when he dug into The Daily Beast’s Herschel Walker abortion bomb on his podcast Tuesday afternoon.

Jon Stewart began by predicting that, as outrageous as the story about the anti-abortion Walker who paid for an abortion in 2009, it might not be enough to fuel his battle for the Georgia Senate. “This guy has had so many ridiculous things and it’s all still like, ‘It’s within the margin of error,’” he noted. “What do people vote for down there?”

Over the next few minutes, Stewart and his co-hosts Jay Jurden and Kasaun Wilson toasted Walker for leaving such a blatant trail. “He went to a card store and got one of those Hallmark ‘Live, Laugh Love’ cards!” he joked before turning to bask in the drama the episode has caused within Walker’s own family.

When Wilson brought up Walker’s apology… Hannity that he sends a lot of get well cards so I’m not sure what this one was for, Stewart burst into tears before adding, “And by the way, is ‘get well soon’ a euphemism for ‘girls I forced to have an abortion’”? ”

“This to me is what’s great about it. Imagine you’re in a political party where you’re the ‘pro-life’ party, your candidate comes out and says, ‘I’m pro-life,’” Stewart said later, “Did I obviously get a woman who wasn’t my wife pregnant, get her to have an abortion, pay for it and all? We can argue all night about semantics.”” And after all that, the party says, “Well , I think it will all depend on the turnout.”

“It’s wild!” Stewart added incredulously. “And here’s the most insane thing about it. If he really wanted to take his chances, all he had to do was come out and say, “Get your vaccines, folks.” That’s it, you’re fucking done.”

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