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IU’s Fans Demand the Singer Be Protected From Malicious Haters

It is no secret that K-pop idols are subject to scrutiny from their fans. Recently, IU received malicious comments from anti-fans, making her the latest celebrity to receive such treatment. In an anonymous post on the online Korean forum The qoo titled “The Current State Of IU Anti’s Looks Really Serious,” an anonymous netizen discussed the current situation of the IU Anti’s. Several nasty posts were uploaded by an anonymous netizen directed at the K-pop star. As they explained, they were exposing haters and anti-fans who continuously slander the LILAC singer for her work, property, and public relationships with actor Lee Jong-suk. Supportive messages have been posted on social media for the Celebrity singer in hopes that her agency EDAM will act quickly against vicious haters.

According to a fan, antis want an article about their made-up issue, but now there is an article about how ridiculous and disgusting they are. It makes me smile. Edam should sue them all, I really hope so. According to the author of ..., the two anti-fans started spreading rumours about IU plagiarizing songs. According to anti-fans, IU has committed crimes such as hacking and media suppression. As a result, the author of ... exposed some of the hateful comments left by the anti-fans. As these followers repeat the same plagiarism accusations and the hateful rhetoric spewed by the anti-fans, they seem to be repeating the same accusations themselves.

The Severity Of Malicious Comments Directed At Kpop Star IU Has Shocked Netizens

IU was recently subjected to malicious comments from anti-fans, making her the latest celebrity to receive such treatment. IU Anti’s State Looks Really Serious” was posted on the Korean online forum The qoo by an anonymous netizen on February 2. An anonymous netizen posted several nasty messages directed at the K-pop star. Rather than encourage negativity, they sought to expose haters and anti-fans who continually slander the LILAC singer on the basis of her work, property, and public relationship with actor Lee Jong-suk. Social media users have taken to defending the famous singer, expressing their support for the celebrity and urging her agency EDAM to take action against malicious haters. In an anonymous post on The Qoo, one netizen outlined the extent of hate and negativity IU receives on a regular basis. The anonymous netizen shared a comment made by one of IU’s main slanderers. An anti-fan has commented on her expensive real-estate property, which had initially been claimed as a speculative investment. In fact, the LILAC singer purchased the building to build a studio for herself as well as aid a junior artist.

In addition, the anti-fan claimed that the Palette singer manipulates the public narrative through sweet and innocent acts. In addition, it was reported that the K-pop singer had bought Instagram followers. The anonymous poster claimed that the main anti-fan was collaborating with other fans to spread slander and attacks against the Celebrity singer IU. In addition, more anti-fans have claimed that she plagiarizes songs and controls the media narrative about her so that these things don’t get reported. Moreover, the anonymous netizen explained that the anti-fans’ followers spread the hateful rhetoric to other online communities and forums, thus planning to vilify the Palette singer. Anti-fans even made spiteful comments about her relationship with actor Lee Jong-suk, who came out with his relationship on December 31 last year. In response to planned attacks on IU on online Korean forums, IU’s fans immediately rallied to the idol’s defense. As a result of these online haters, UAENAs have demanded that EDAM take firm and swift action against them.



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