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Jafonte Williams injury could derail Broncos Russell Wilson’s first season

The Denver Broncos 2022 season didn’t initially start as many imagined it to be, and they may have already missed out on the long-term return of Jafonte Williams.

The Denver Broncos were expected to be the offensive captain for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Game in West Asia. That had yet to happen for the first four weeks of the season, even with Russell Wilson as the center’s starting quarterback. Now, their attack could be without a major player for an extended period of time.

During the team’s Week 4 game against the Las Vegas Raiders, Jafonte Williams should have been moved to the locker room after he was slow to wake up after an interference for Max Crosby’s loss. after the game, Williams was spotted on crutches by members of the media.

According to NFL Network National Ian Rapoport, Williams is believed to have suffered a serious knee injury, and there is not much optimism ahead of his scheduled MRI on Monday.

Broncos: Jafonte Williams is believed to have suffered a serious knee injury

This is not good news for a Bronco offense. This year, Williams ran for 204 yards on 47 buggies, while getting 16 passes for 76 yards.

With Williams sidelined, that means Melvin Gordon will likely get the majority of offensive shots. The thing is, Gordon had a serious problem this year. In fact, Gordon fumbled the ball three times, including once in Week 4 against the Raiders, which also happened to be handed back by cornerback Ameek Robertson for touchdown.

Broncos will await the exact diagnosis of the injury and schedule. However long Williams is out, the attack will miss him sorely.



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