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Jair Bolsonaro will propose to Ukraine to end the war "like Falklands"



Jair Bolsonaro will propose to Ukraine to end the war

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced Thursday that he will propose what he called “the Malvinas solution” to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelensky.with whom he will talk next Monday to give an exit to the armed conflict with Russia.

“I’m going to give my opinion, what I think. I have the solution for this case… How the war between Argentina and the United Kingdom ended in 1982. That’s the way out. We’re sorry, these are things that hurt, but you have to understand the situation. It was Zelenski who asked to speak with us and I accepted because Zelenski has a great country to manage,” Bolsonaro told CNNaccording to CNN Brazil.

When promoting his proposal, the Brazilian president did not detail what the model of the “Malvinas solution” is, where the conflict between Argentina and Great Britain ended with the negotiated surrender, without the unconditional word, of the troops on June 14 1982 by Governor Mario Benjamín Menéndez before the General of the British troops, General Jeremy Moore, in Puerto Argentino.

In this way, Bolsonaro did not want to specify what he was referring to about the “Malvinas solution”, because in the Argentine islands until now there is occupation by the United Kingdom, which has refused since then to comply with the resolutions of the Decolonization Committee of the UN to sit down to negotiate after having won the war in 1982.

Bolsonaro’s role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Since the outbreak of the war, Bolsonaro has avoided condemning the Russian attacks in Ukraine and maintained a “neutral” and “balanced” position in the face of the conflictby prioritizing the interests of their country.

The president has been critical of the siege of economic sanctions promoted by the powers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) against the government of Vladimir Putin, whom he visited last February, on the eve of the start of the war, and with whom he maintains a fluid relationship.

“I am going to talk a lot with him (Zelenski). He is a leader and I am going to give him my opinion. This war has caused a disorder not only in Brazil. In Brazil less; much more in Europe,” the Brazilian head of state clarified.

In addition, the far-right leader defended having met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in February to guarantee the supply of fertilizers for Brazilian agribusiness, the main Bolsonarista electoral base ahead of the October 2 elections.

Likewise, Bolsonaro announced last Monday before local media that he has “almost closed” a negotiation to acquire diesel from Russia, in a commercial agreement that implies breaking the economic sanctions imposed on Moscow by the US and the European Union.

The Brazilian head of state had already opened the door to the purchase at the end of June. “Now an agreement to buy cheaper diesel from Russia is almost closed. Petrobras bought it more expensive,” Bolsonaro said.



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