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James Gunn Confirms What We Suspected About Thor And Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3



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Gunn, ever the pro at both adapting comic book movies and interacting with fans, is always quick to clear things up on social media when needed. A recent instance of this occurred following a clip from Barstool Sports (via Twitter), where they discussed whether the release date shuffle of the respective “Thor” and “Guardians” sequels led to their adventures together being skimmed over too quickly. It’s a good question. Did we miss the chance to see Thor in a starring role in “Guardians of the Galay Vol. 3,” really? 

Apparently, that was never meant to be. The director set the record straight, tweeting, “I appreciate the love but Thor was never going to be in Vol 3.”

On one hand, it’s interesting to imagine how the opening acts of both the third “Guardians” and “Love and Thunder” might’ve differed if their release order hadn’t been swapped. And looking forward, it does feel like a shame that we’re not going to see the Point Breaker with Stormbreaker back in action alongside Quill, Drax and company. Really, though, keeping Thor out of the mix makes total sense given that “Love and Thunder” tied things up so nicely. Also, given that Nebula’s Karen Gillen was brought to tears reading the script (via Yahoo) of what Chris Pratt has deemed “the best of the trilogy,” perhaps sticking with the core cast is the right thing to do. 

We can only see how they handle their next adventure without any incoming thunder when “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” hits theatres on May 5, 2023.



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