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James Gunn Considers The Authority One Of His 'Real Passion Projects' In The DCU

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In the press conference held Monday, James Gunn referred to “The Authority” as a passion project of his and a different kind of superhero story (via SlashFilm). Gunn went on to describe the superhero team in detail. 

“They are basically good-intentioned,” Gunn said, “but they think that the world is completely broken and the only way to fix it is to take things into their own hands.” He said specifically these characters exist in a moral gray area, meaning the movie will likely explore the morality of this team.

Gunn also said he wrote the outline for the film and worked directly with the writers on the project, but he’s not sure how best to focus his energy on the slate going forward. He talked about possibly focusing on the new “Superman: Legacy” movie or spreading his time evenly amongst all of the projects (via Collider). According to Gunn, this is the “number one unknown thing about [the slate of films],” leaving a lot of room for speculation as to what Gunn will do on these projects, particularly on “The Authority.” 



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