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James Gunn's DC Slate Might Blaze The Way For Constantine's Big Future

One of the more interesting Gunn-Safran movie announcements is “Swamp Thing.” With a couple of 1980s movies and a one-season 2019 TV show under his belt, the titular character’s live-action achievements are decidedly in the John Constantine category. However, the two characters have far more than that in common. Looper has already pointed out that the DCU “Swamp Thing” should adapt the comic’s classic Alan Moore run, and as it happens, said run serves as Constantine’s first appearance in the comics. After a successful debut in the “Saga of the Swamp Thing” series, the magician moved on to his own, lengthy “Hellblazer” run on DC’s Vertigo imprint. After that wrapped up, he got a soft reboot that sanded off some of his roughest edges, and the end result started bedeviling other prominent DC characters whenever he wasn’t off having his own adventures.

With the announcement of the “Swamp Thing” movie, Gunn and Safran now have the opportunity to bring one of DC’s most unique characters in the DCU fold. What’s more, noted comics fan Gunn is likely well aware that they have the chance to bring Constantine in via the exact same trajectory that worked so well in the comics. First, introduce him as a major supporting “Swamp Thing” character. Then have him branch out on his own, and before you know it, he’s trading barbs with Batman. 

Obviously, Constantine’s name hasn’t been mentioned yet, so nothing’s certain when it comes to him. Still, don’t be surprised if Swamp Thing turns out to be the second most important character in his own movie.



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