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James Gunn's Rebooted DCU To Include A True Detective-Style Lanterns Series. Here's What That Could Look Like

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At a January 2023 attended by Jenna Busch of /Film, James Gunn explained that the Green Lanterns will soon have their very own television show on HBO Max. This new series will predominately follow the pilot Hal Jordan and the soldier John Stewart, and will be called “Lanterns.” 

Gunn then spoke about some of the inspiration that went into crafting this new show, mentioning “True Detective” specifically, and emphasizing that the show will begin with a more grounded narrative instead of going cosmic right out the gate. Essentially, it seems that the two space cops will be flying to Earth to solve a mystery. Gunn also elaborated that “Lanterns” will weave in between other films and television shows within the DCU, much like his previous successful show, “Peacemaker.”

By saying that the upcoming “Lanterns” show will have a very buddy-copy feel to it, while at the same time bringing up a harrowing show like “True Detective,” Gunn has invited a tremendous amount of speculation and conjecture. Even if “Lanterns” skews more towards the “True Detective” sphere, the team-up of Hal Jordan and John Stewart will already be an interesting partnership: Jordan is known for being a hothead, while Stewart is a no-nonsense individual with very little patience for such antics. The conflict between both men, as Stewart follows the rules and Jordan breaks them, is sure to make for an engaging narrative.



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