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Jana Kramer Unveils New Beau Allan Russell on Instagram

Jana Kramer has revealed the identity of her new boyfriend. According to her Instagram account, the 39-year-old country music songstress became official with Norwich City Football Club coach Allan Russell. Kramer shared a photo of herself and Russell cuddling up with one another as Russell, 42, wrapped his arm around Kramer and smiled directly at the camera. A caption Kramer wrote on ..., which was posted in downtown Nashville, read, “Back where it all started… Also, this is us…trying to take a photo. Many of the Dancing with the Stars alum’s celebrity friends commented on their Instagram debut immediately after they went live, including Christen Whitney, an alum of Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

It was Kramer who initially hinted at being in a new relationship during the Jan. 9 episode of her podcast Whine Down with Jana Kramer. It is also mentioned in the episode’s description that Kramer had some exciting news to share, but she revealed that she has an international boyfriend. She explained I’m not sure if this is the person I will have forever. But, like, I’m not going to push away love because I’ve been hurt in the past. It’s something I’m going to embrace. I am looking forward to having fun. You know what, even if it doesn’t work out, I will still learn a lot, and I will have fun doing it. The singer was initially unsure about dating someone from another country when she met him via a dating app.

Jana Kramer Confirms She Is Dating Allan Russell, And Reveals Her Relationship With The Soccer Coach On Instagram

Over the weekend, the “One Tree Hill” alum Jana Kramer made boyfriend Allan Russell’s Instagram account official. “Back to where it all started…” she captioned a snap of herself and the boyfriend embracing and laughing in Downtown Nashville, where she lives. Additionally, this is so us…trying to take a picture.” An outdoor set of steps is seen in the shot, showing the actress, 39, and the Scottish former soccer player, 42, sitting together with their arms around each other. As the hunky athlete flashed his pearly whites at the camera, Jana Kramer was seen laughing belly-up. Their neutral-coloured peacoats matched perfectly, while the mother-of-two topped off her look with gold hoops, bracelets, and rings. Russell’s account is private, despite the fact that she tagged him. In his bio, he describes himself as an attacking coach who is currently working as a set-piece coach for Norwich City Football Club of the English Football League Championship. Additionally, he co-founded a company called Roam that makes nitrate-free, grass-fed meat snacks. Russell also founded an attacking-specific training/coaching program called Superior Striker.

Following Jana Kramer’s hard launch, friends and followers were ecstatic. On her “Whine Down” podcast earlier this month, Kramer announced she was off the market but insisted she was approaching the long-distance relationship realistically. The singer told her listeners she had a “boyfriend” and was “no longer single,” but she was not sure if this was her forever partner. The fact that I’ve been hurt before won’t prevent me from loving again. It’s something I’m going to embrace. In the event it doesn’t work out, you know what, I’m gonna learn a lot. In addition, I am gonna have a great time along the way. Russell’s full identity was not revealed at the time, but his profession and present residence were. They agreed to see each other at least every three weeks, according to the author of “Good Fight.” After filing for divorce from her third husband, former NFL star Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer told her fans at the time, I’ll always encourage you to keep fighting, but you can’t fight it alone. After a turbulent six-year marriage, the former couple co-parents their 6-year-old daughter Jolie and 4-year-old son, Jace.



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