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Japan ordered to evacuate buildings as North Korea fires new missile

JAPANESE residents have been ordered to evacuate buildings or take shelter underground after North Korea fired another ballistic missile Tuesday morning.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff have confirmed that the North Korean ballistic missile was fired off the east coast of its northern neighbor.

Messages on local TVCredit: Twitter
Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary rushes into Prime Minister's office after North Korea fires a ballistic missile at Japan


Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary rushes into Prime Minister’s office after North Korea fires a ballistic missile at JapanCredit: UKTN News via UKTN

The Japanese government warned civilians to take cover after the Coast Guard reported a suspected missile launch by North Korea.

A statement from the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office warned residents to “evacuate inside a building or underground”.

The Prime Minister’s Office has issued the following: pronunciation on his official Twitter account: “The missile is believed to have been launched from North Korea. Evacuate inside a building or underground. Received date and time: 7:29 AM at the 4th target area: Aomori Prefecture, Tokyo.”

Trains were suspended.

The latest launch was Pyongyang’s fifth launch in a week, amid military tug of war by the United States and South Korea, which last week staged trilateral anti-submarine exercises with Japanese naval forces.

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The latest launch came after the navies of South Korea, the United States and Japan held trilateral anti-submarine exercises on Friday for the first time in five years.

This follows US Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to the demilitarized zone dividing the Koreas on September 29.

Tuesday’s warning, meanwhile, resonated across Japan.

An official statement from Ishikari City in northern Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture has released a statement regarding its official statement Twitter accountsaying, “Civil Defense Information on Oct. 4 at 7:27 AM announced the launch of missiles.

“The missile was believed to have been launched from North Korea. Evacuate inside a building or underground. Missile launch. Missile launch.”

The Twitter account only publishes information when there is a risk of disaster, or at the time of a disaster.

The footage also shows a message broadcast on local TV asking residents to evacuate and take shelter underground.

“North Korea appears to have launched a missile. Please evacuate to the inside of a building or go to the basement. Target area: Hokkaido,” the message read on local TV.

However, the missile is believed to have passed through the Pacific Ocean and missed mainland Japan.

The Japanese Prime Minister’s office later tweeted: “The aforementioned missile is said to have passed through the Pacific Ocean around 07:29.

During an emergency media conference, Japan’s chief of staff, Hirokazu Matsuno, confirmed that the missile had passed over northern Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone (Japanese waters).

Debris may have fallen in northern Aomori or Hokkaido prefectures, Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported.

Matsuno said the launch poses a threat to Japan and the Japanese people.

The official said his government strongly opposes the launch of the North Korean missile and will launch “serious protest” against Pyongyang.

The Bureau warned residents to take extra precautions in light of the incident.

“If you find something suspicious, don’t approach it and contact the police or fire department immediately.”

Earlier this month, Japan said it would resume evacuation drills for residents amid the uptick in North Korean launches.



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