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Jeff Ross Illness And Health Update: Does He Have Cancer?

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Jeff Ross is a comedian, actor, writer, and producer known for his sharp-tongued insults and roast master skills.

Recently, there has been speculation about Ross’s health and rumors about him having cancer. In this article, we will look at all the facts we know so far about his health updates and whether he has cancer or not.

Jeff Ross on his comedy show. (Source: Instagram)

In early 2021, Jeff Ross canceled his performance at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Jersey. The reason cited was a sudden illness, and the exact nature of the illness was undisclosed. Fans were worried about his health, especially after a tweet by comedian David Spade, who wrote “Prayers for Jeff Ross, love that guy. Pray he recovers soon.”

Illness And Health Update- Does Jeff Ross Have Cancer?

After this tweet, rumors about Ross having cancer started to circulate on social media. However, neither Jeff nor his team issued any statement about his health, leading to more speculation and concern from his fans.

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It wasn’t until May 2021, that Jeff Ross made a statement about his health. On May 5, Ross posted a short video on his Twitter account saying, “Hey everyone, it’s Jeff Ross, and I want to thank you all for your love and kind words. I’m feeling better every day, and I look forward to getting back on stage real soon.”

This video was enough to put fans’ minds at ease, but it did not address the rumors of him having cancer. However, a source close to Ross said, “Jeff is not in the best health right now, but he is not dying of cancer, nor does he have cancer.”

While we don’t know what exact illness Jeff Ross is suffering from, we do know that it’s not cancer. Moreover, we know that he is feeling better every day and is optimistic about getting back on stage soon.

Final Thoughts

Jeff Ross has brought laughter and joy to millions of people worldwide through his comedy, acting, and writing. It is understandable that his fans were concerned about his health when he canceled his performance and rumors of him having cancer started to spread.

However, we can take comfort in the fact that Jeff Ross is not dying of cancer and is feeling better every day. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on stage soon, making us laugh with his fantastic humor.

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