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Jeffrey Dahmer Survivors: What Happened To Ron Flowers And Men Who Survived Dahmer

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a true crime drama series that recounts the story of the serial killer and cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer.


Netflix and Ryan Murphy’s latest limited series, DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, dramatises the horrific real-life case of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and what happened to his victims.


Throughout the series, viewers find out how Dahmer (played by Evan Peters) was able to get away with the murders for so long, due to police incompetence and a complete mishandling of all the reports that came their way about the killer.

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Some of those reports were shared by several men who each experienced their own terrifying encounters with Dahmer. A couple of them (including Tracy Edwards and Ronald Flowers) are depicted in the Netflix series, while others have spoken in documentaries and interviews over the years.


Here’s what happened to five of the men who survived Dahmer’s abuse, and what they’ve said about their encounter with the killer.


Here are the people who survived Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer survivors: Where are they now? Picture: Netflix, Discovery+

What happened to Ronald Flowers?

Ronald Flowers is depicted in the Netflix series, introduced as Ron in episode 5. Ron is the man who Dahmer brought back to his grandmother’s house and drugged with the intent of killing him, before his grandmother intervened and insisted that they made sure he was ok.


In the show, we see Ron placed on a bus by Dahmer and his grandmother, before waking up in hospital and then reporting him to the police. After Dahmer was brought in for questioning, nothing ever came of Ronald’s report.


The real life Ronald Flowers spoke about his experience with Dahmer in the documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster. Ronald described his experience as “sheer terror,” and “a nightmare”. While testifying in court, he said that if it wasn’t for Dahmer’s grandmother, he would have been murdered.


In the documentary, Ronald reveals that he also had a ligature mark around his neck, and his underwear was inside out, but he had no recollection of either happening.


Since sharing his encounter, Ronald has stayed away from media attention and the spotlight.

Ron Flowers
Ron Flowers was drugged by Dahmer and reported him to the police. Picture: Netflix

What happened to Somsack Sinthasomphone?


Somsack is the brother of 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone, who Dahmer murdered in May 1991. Dahmer also manipulated, drugged and molested Somsack in 1988, but did not murder him.


Somsack was 13 years old when he met Dahmer. In episode 5, the Netflix series shows Somsack stumble out of Dahmer’s grandmother’s house before returning home drugged. Somsack’s family went to the police and Dahmer was arrested, sentenced to one year at a work release camp, put on five years probation, and was asked to register as a sexual offender.


After Konerak’s murder, the Estate of Sinthasomphone filed a lawsuit against the City of Milwaukee, accusing them of not upholding their constitutional rights.


Somsack Sinthasomphone has not spoken about his encounter or his brother’s murder since, preferring to stay private. Reports suggest that Somsack is now married and is living in Wisconsin with his wife.

Somsack Sinthasomphone
Somsack Sinthasomphone (left) escaped Dahmer’s apartment. Picture: Netflix

Where is Tracy Edwards now?

Tracy Edwards was the man who escaped Dahmer’s apartment and ultimately led the police to finally arrest him.


Tracy’s story takes focus in episode 1. Dahmer is shown bringing him back to his apartment after picking him up in a club. Tracy later manages to escape the apartment, flags down the police and brings them back to the apartment where they eventually made their way inside to investigate and ended up discovering the extent of his horrific murders.


Tracy was hailed a hero after ending Dahmer’s horrifying spree. He testified in the 1992 court trial. Since then, however, Tracy has faced several police charges, and was arrested and sentenced to a year and a half in prison, and two years of extended supervision, in 2011 for his role in the death of Jonny Jordan.


It’s currently unknown what the real Tracy Edwards is doing now.

Tracy Edwards
Tracy Edwards escaped Dahmer’s apartment and helped police finally arrest him. Picture: Netf

What happened to Preston Davis?

Preston Davis met Dahmer when he was 20 years old in Germany, while Preston was serving in the military. Preston also appeared on Oxygen’s Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks where he spoke about his encounter with Dahmer.


In an interview with The Wrap in 2017, Preston told the outlet that Dahmer would drink excessively and brag about killing his first victim, Steven Hicks. Preston also told the outlet that Dahmer had assaulted him in 1979, while they were taking part in a field exercise.


“Somewhere in that time frame, I was drugged and assaulted,” Preston said. “The reason he didn’t kill me — he said after I left, ‘I should’ve killed that n— when I had the chance’ — but that was the reason he couldn’t kill me: We were out in the middle of Belgium. He had no idea how to get back to Germany.”


Dahmer never confessed to the assault, and Preston said that he had blocked the incident out until around 2009, when he started seeking therapy at the age of 50: “My mind had shut down that whole time.”


What happened to Billy Capshaw?

Billy Capshaw was another young man who met Dahmer while he was in the military. Billy was 17 years old at the time, and was roommates with Dahmer.


Speaking to The Wrap in 2017, Billy said: “Jeff Dahmer was a sociopath, a psychopath, a narcissist – he was insane. It took a long time to cope with what happened, and I only came out with my experience when my father died. It was too horrible, too embarrassing, and I didn’t want my dad to know.”


Billy reported that he was “tortured, beaten and tied to the bed many times over two years.” “I thought about killing him, and I thought about killing myself,” Billy told the outlet.





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