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Jeremy Bieber Posts Shady Anti-Pride Month Messages: Thank a Straight Person!

There are famous people who are famous for their tight-knit, wholesome families. Some are very traditional, others are not. Even celebs can inspire.

That does not really describe Jeremy Bieber. When Pattie Mallette became a teen mom, Jeremy didn’t so much become a teen dad as he became her ex.

So why is this guy, of all people, singing the praises of “the nuclear family” and presenting himself as a family man?

You can already guess why. It’s Pride Month. The very idea of LGBTQ+ celebrating made him want to knock them down a peg.

0608 jeremybieber 01
In this photo, Jeremy Bieber is seated at a table and making an unusual shape with his mouth. (Instagram)

We want to be clear, before we delve into The Bieb (Sr.) and his controversy and his non-apology, that no one is accusing him of coming up with this. Or of having any original thoughts, really.

You know how, every February, there are clueless-at-best white people asking when “White History Month” is? The same question happens every June about “Straight Pride Month.”

(If someone asks this, one reply is to tell them that International Clown Week is actually the first week of August)

0608 jeremybieber 03
Here we see Jeremy Bieber outside on some very green grass on a bright and sunny day. (Instagram)

Anyway, any marginalized community is going to hear a lot of flack during a time of celebration. It happens for the same reason that they are a marginalized community to start with. Ignorance and outright bigotry.

Weird, hostile memes circulate every June for Pride Month. And since Pride 2023 comes amidst more open, virulent anti-LGBTQ+ hostility than Americans have seen in years, this June is no exception.

So Justin Bieber’s dad got such a kick out of one of these that he just had to share.

0608 jeremybieber ig 01
Taking to his Instagram Story, Jeremy Bieber suggested that people celebrate Pride Month 2023 by thanking … a straight person. It was not his original thought, as this is a message that circulates around bigoted corners of social media every year. The intention is always the same. (Instagram)

“Don’t forget to thank a straight person this month for your existence,” ... reads. The smarmy message appears in a white font on top of a rainbow flag.

The implication is that all LGBTQ+ people “owe” a thank you to people who are cisgender and heterosexual for their lives.

Obviously, this is a message that circulates among people who just want to be a dick to people whose human rights are, at best, precarious.

0608 jeremybieber 02
It seems that Jeremy Bieber wears his sunglasses almost as often as he wears his tattoos. (Instagram)

Aside from the obvious hostile intentions, there are two fundamental errors in the shady post.

First, just like cisgender and straight people, LGBTQ+ didn’t wish themselves into existence. You don’t owe someone thanks for your life. Unless, like, a lifeguard saves you from drowning. That kind of thing.

Second, not all parents are straight. Bi and pan couples can have kids, with each other or with straight people. Closeted gay people can have kids. Many trans people can have kids. Life is beautiful and full of diversity in that way.

0608 jeremybieber tweet 01
Jeremy Bieber sounds like the last person who should be espousing the virtues of “family” over “unbelievable” things that “this generation glorifies.” And yet, here he is. No hint of irony or self-awareness. (Twitter)

In addition to that Instagram Story post, Jeremy also posted to Twitter: “We need to celebrate families.”

“[You] know, the reason we’re all here!” he continued. “The things this generation glorifies [are] unbelievable.”

This is a guy whose first son grew up under the care of the child’s teenage mom, grandmother, and step-grandfather.

Jeremy Bieber is a Moron
This is Jeremy Bieber comparing his son’s penis to a very tall piece of architecture. He is so classy. (Instagram)

And this is also the guy who made multiple social media posts to brag about his son’s penis size.

Was he just hyping up his son? Or was he trying to imply that Justin is a chip off of the old block?

Either way, it’s an “unbelievable” thing for him to “glorify” in such a cringe way when it’s his own son’s genitals.

0608 jeremybieber tweet 02
You know that thing where you say something offensive, then pretend that you don’t understand why people are angry? Jeremy Bieber is doing that in this tweet. (Twitter)

Naturally, Jeremy posted a non-apology.

“Acknowledging the nuclear family is offensive?” he asked. While it does suck as a concept, even he knows that this isn’t what earned backlash.

“My apologies to those offended. Was not my intent,” Jeremy grumbled. “Not that my opinion matters.” Cool guy.