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Jesse Watters’ Comments on Tyre Nichols Bodycam Footage Left Netizens Angry

Jesse Watters the host of Fox News, has said he didn’t see “any death blows” against Tyre Nichols’ victim in his bodycam video, and he will wait for toxicology reports to determine if drugs were involved in his death. Officials released Tyre Nichols’ bodycam footage on Friday, revealing an hour-long confrontation he had with Memphis police officers after a traffic stop earlier this month. During the altercation, Nichols was tased, beaten, and pepper-sprayed by officers after they alleged he was driving recklessly. On January 10, Nichols succumbed to his injuries after being hospitalized in critical condition.

Warning: This article contains content that may be disturbing, discretion is advised.

Five Memphis police officers brutally beat Tyre Nichols after a traffic stop incident, according to a newly released bodycam video. Social media users took to Twitter to criticize Watters’ comments after Watters’s comments surfaced online. The outraged netizens also slammed those who demanded Nichols’ toxicology reports, refusing to acknowledge the role that police brutality played in his death. In one comment, a user said: Who cares what the toxicology report reveals? They beat Tyre Nichols to death while he was in their custody. The Fox News Channel can go to hell!

Internet Shares Their Opinion On Jesse Watters Controversial Comment on Tyre Nichols’ Death

As Jesse Watters discussed Tyre Nichols’ bodycam footage on Fox News, he speculated that the former’s death could have been related to drugs and questioned Nichols’ family’s independent autopsy: We don’t know if this guy was on something. There is no way of knowing if this guy was on something. As well, we haven’t received an official autopsy from the city. My first reaction was to look for death blows, but I saw none. There may have been an accumulation of blunt-force trauma to the head. Afterwards, Watters asked his guest, retired NYPD officer, Bill Stanton, what he thought of the video. Despite the footage, Stanton claims no police officers “stomped” on Nichols’ head or “kicked him in the face” during the incident. Watters discussed Nichols’ incident with another guest, Rob O’Donnell, about officers restraining suspects. According to Donnell, officers in New York have passed laws preventing them from getting on top of suspects and applying pressure on their torsos. According to Nichols’ bodycam footage, Memphis officers violently threw Jesse Watters to the ground while screaming threatening messages and drawing guns.

Nichols was eventually pepper sprayed by the cops and punched in the head before calling out for his mother. Following a traffic stop incident, five Memphis police officers brutally beat Tyre Nichols according to a newly released bodycam video. Fox News host Jesse Watters claimed he did not see any “deadly blows” in the video and would await toxicology results to determine if Nichols’ death was related to drugs after the release of the video. Many Twitter users called out Watters for his comments after Watters’ comments surfaced online. Additionally, angry netizens slammed people for demanding Nichols’ toxicology reports and denying his death was caused by police brutality. The following comment was made by a user: I just deleted Fox Network. The assumption that this young man was on drugs is appalling on his part of Jesse. Jesse disappointed me so much. The situation and outrage caused by Watters’ remarks are still being debated online, and it remains to be seen if he will address them.



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