Jessie J’ Heartfelt Tribute to Boyfriend After Welcoming Baby

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Jessie J shared the sweetest tribute on her Instagram handle for her boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman, who confirmed that the newborn boy was his. May 12 marked the birth of the 34-year-old “Masterpiece” hitmaker’s rainbow baby (a child born after miscarriage). On Saturday (June 3), she took to social media to reflect on her relationship with Chanan. Jessie shared a photo of Chanan holding her hand in the delivery room on her Instagram story. While their relationship is kept largely out of the spotlight, Jessie expressed how much Chanan’s love has meaningfully impacted her life.

She also spoke about how supportive he was on the day she gave birth. Following her decision to have a baby on her own, Jessie revealed in November 2021 that she had miscarried. Her previous doctor had told her she wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally. The Domino singer said after a miscarriage that getting pregnant was a miracle, and it was an experience she is certain she will never forget. During her Instagram stories, Jessie also shared a picture of her boyfriend, whose face was covered by a cap. She captioned the photo: Mum and Dad.

In A New Instagram Post, Jessie J Reveals The Glimpse Of Her Baby Daddy

Having just given birth to her first child with her boyfriend, Jessie J has shared a heartfelt message describing him as a source of light for her. The Price Tag singer announced the birth of her baby boy on social media last month, writing: ‘A week ago my whole life changed.’ Her heart grew twice as big when her son entered this world. She began dating basketball player Chanan Colman, 39, a few years ago, and they share a son together. While Jessie and Chanan keep their relationship mostly a secret, she shared a post on her Instagram Story expressing how much their relationship has impacted her life, including Chanan’s support on the day she gave birth. It’s hard for me to keep things private. You probably already know that if you know me. Lol. My desire is to protect those I love and keep them for myself… But I never regret it because life is too short. The door cannot be closed once it has been opened. ‘Bla Bla Bla… And so on and so on…’ she wrote over a picture of him holding her hand while she gave birth.


After my miscarriage in 2021, I met this man. It’s like a beam of light. My dark days were brightened by him. Having fallen pregnant naturally without any issues was a whirlwind of love. The word grateful doesn’t do it justice. My life has been filled with many gifts from him. According to Jessie, whose full name is Jessica Cornish, he wasn’t going to let go of my hand this day, and without him, I couldn’t get through it. He was my sanity. Bringing me peace in the midst of my fear. He’s the Daddy to my baby. Thanks a lot. Jessie disclosed in November 2021 that she had a miscarriage after opting to conceive a kid on her own. In the past, she had been warned that she would not be able to conceive naturally. When the Domino singer had a miscarriage, she said: ‘To get pregnant was a gift in itself and an experience that I never forgot that I believe I will have again. In her most recent Instagram Stories, Jessie also uploaded a selfie she snapped with her boyfriend, whose face was obscured by a cap for the photograph, and posted it: Mum and Dad.