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Jinger Vuolo Reveals The Last Time She Spoke to Josh Duggar

Jinger Vuolo’s book, Becoming Free Indeed, is mostly about her life and her journey away from the Institute of Basic Life Principles. The IBLP is the ultra-conservative Christian ministry she, and her 18 siblings, were raised around. Still, Jinger’s memoir does touch on her familial relationships. The 29-year-old influencer even discusses convicted felon Josh Duggar in the non-fiction offering. 

Jinger Vuolo hasn’t spoken to Josh Duggar in years 

Jinger has a somewhat distant relationship with her ultra-conservative family. Some of that is due to geography, and some of it seems to be a personal choice. In Becoming Free Indeed, Jinger states that she hasn’t seen or spoken to her brother, Josh Duggar, in nearly two years, at the time of writing. Based on the book’s timeline and when it was published, it’s obvious that Jinger, like several other siblings, appeared to pull away from Josh Duggar around the time he was arrested for possessing and receiving child pornography. His arrest occurred in April 2021. A jury found him guilty in December 2021. 



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