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John Pork is looking meme defined as TikTok mourns ‘death’ of viral pig

At the start of the week TikTok was obsessive concerning the John Pork is looking meme, nevertheless now everybody is talking about his dying – so what’s occurring?

The world of TikTok strikes pretty shortly, and when you occur to overlook lots as a pair of hours of invaluable scrolling on the app – you could find your self pretty confused.

For occasion, this week’s hottest meme has seen the invention and subsequent so-called dying of an imaginary pig ship the net up in arms, regardless of the precise reality barely anybody had heard of the made-up farm animal this time last week.

If you might want to know what the John Pork is looking meme is all about and why individuals are mourning his dying, nevertheless suppose it’s too late to ask your mates, proper right here’s what it’s important know.

John Pork is looking meme defined

John Pork is a computer-generated pig, who first began posing on-line once more in September 2018 on an Instagram account with the take care of @john.pork, though it’s unclear whether or not or not the John Pork mission was a trustworthy strive on the creation of a digital influencer, or just any individual having pleasurable with some animation software program program.

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And the next John Pork is looking meme appeared to first ground on TikTok late in March 2023, when varied accounts began to publish motion pictures that appeared as if an iPhone was receiving a reputation from Mr. Pork, whereas asking viewers within the occasion that they wanted to pick out up.


me, john pork, is looking. Answer. Pick up #johnpork

♬ som original – emi • #1 biggest mei stan

There doesn’t appear to be a deeper meaning to the joke, or a hidden reference that you could possibly be not be selecting up on. Rather, it’s solely a viral video that folk uncover humorous resulting from its straightforward nature, and John Pork’s pretty creepy-looking face.

John Pork’s ‘death’ prompts string of tragic TikToks

Unfortunately for John Pork, and the creator liable for the distinctive Instagram account, TikTok appears to have decided it’s had ample with the pig.

The latest enchancment inside the John Pork meme has seen prospects mourn his apparent dying, regardless of the precise reality the one which created the character has not talked about any updates of the sort.

The joke about John Pork dying services around the idea that some sort of tragedy occurred, and nobody was spherical to help John Pork, as a outcome of they wouldn’t reply his calls. Quite a tragic thought, truly!

The motion pictures have a quantity of completely completely different audio clips connected, all set to sad background music, with some claiming that the pig was shot in downtown Atlanta, whereas others level out that “he was a great man, but nobody ever returned his calls”.

The most interesting reactions to the pig memes

A ridiculous meme, it must be admitted, nevertheless there have been some pretty humorous makes an try on the John Pork memes. Here are just a few of our favorites…

The joke that started all of it off, do you resolve up?


me, john pork, is looking. Answer. Pick up #johnpork

♬ som original – emi • #1 biggest mei stan

The late Avicci was ready to ship everybody collectively, man or pig:


#johnpork is after you.

♬ original sound – John Pork.

Some of them are pretty darkish, like this video that admits it was all solely a prank:


Should’ve picked up his calls #johnpork

♬ original sound – follow me,im cool ????

According to this account, John Pork was actually a rapper:


I’m speechless correct now.. I always listened to his music and solely resulting from HIM i under no circumstances ate pork in my whole life. Spread this video so everyone is conscious of what occurred to John Pork.. Fly extreme king❤️????️|| #john#johnpork#johnedit#johnporkedit#rapper#neqann#fyp#viral#xyca#pork#pig#newspaper#newstrend#newsvoice#trending#trend#johnporkdeath#johnporkdead HARAM HARAM HARAM HARAM HARAM

♬ original sound – ressy

And to complete on a constructive phrase, the nation’s sweetheart, Caucasian James, didn’t play it cool, after the individual (pig) himself confirmed some love on Instagram:

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